Diamond Cut Forensics Audio Laboratory Feature Set Overview

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A Comprehensive featured editor capable of producing the finest glitch-less result using either Classic or Fast Edit modes.
  • Waveform overview bar for quickly finding you way in a file
  • New Tasks panel to get you to the feature you need fast
  • VST effects plug in support
  • Fast switching between editing modes and sync functions
  • Fast switching between time view, spectrogram view and histogram views
  • Larger icons with fully customizable toolbars and keyboard shortcuts
  • Configurable Application look

Powerful new forensic features
  • Find out what they said with the new Whisper Enhancer.  Listen to this
    Demo: Before and After
  • Locate potential "Edit points" with the new Subsonic Explorer
  • Remove periods of silence from long surveillance recordings to get right to the dialog with the Remove Silence feature

Subsonic Explorer
Subsonic Explorer
Forensics Authentication measurement tools
  • Voice ID (Formant Tracking, shown at right)
  • Spectrogram
  • Histogram vs. Time
  • Comparative Histogram
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • % Total Harmonic Distortion Analyzer
  • Octave-based Real Time Analyzer
  • X-Y Vector display,
  • Make Waves Signal Generator
  • Digital Time Measurement display
  • VU meter
  • Comprehensive set of signal measurements calculated over the highlighted area

Frequency Tracker for authentication and identification
Frequency Tracker

The Tasks Pane takes away the pain of finding the right filter or operation for the job.
Quick links with preset actions to get you started with the right filter.

 task pane

Voice ID Formant Trackin
Match voice prints to known examples

Comparative Histogram
Compare two different sections of a file or two different files as a check of authenticity of tampering

Compartive Histogram
Filters for every occasion
  • Linear Brick Wall Filters are provided using FIR techniques and include Low Pass, High Pass,  Bandpass and Band Stop characteristics including choice of 32 to 4094 taps.

  • Linear Analog style Filters (using IIR methods).  Low Pass, High Pass, and Bandpass are provided up to 4th order and your choice of Butterworth or Chebyshev responses.  Other IIR based filters include Notch and Slot as well as Harmonic Reject (odds and/or evens)

  • Non-linear filters, which are great for noise reduction including the Auto-Voice Filter, Adaptive Frequency Domain Filter, Continuous Noise Filter, Dynamic

  • An FFT based Spectral Filter having up to 32,000 bands including 4 different modes of operation such as ”Manual Adjust”,  “Spectral Copy”,  “Spectral Inverse”, and “Spectral Difference”.

  • Statistical based filters are provided including Averaging and Median value with variable weighting.
  • IIR based Equalizers are provided with 3 bands, 10 bands, 20 bands and 30 bands.  Also included is a 10 band Paragraphic Equalizer including two shelving bands.
Noise reduction
  • Noise Filter, Filter Sweeper, Time Domain Adaptive Filter, Whisper Enhancer, Dynamic Spectral Subtraction Filter (DSS) and more.

  • Many impulse filters for eliminating radio static or crackle and other impulsive types of noise like line frequency “buzz”.
  • An array of Audio Effects and Enhancers including Echo, Reverb, a Virtual Valve Amplifier, Subharmonic & Overtone Synthesizers, and a Vocal Garbler that is almost impossible to reverse.
Compressors and dynamics
  • Dynamics Processors such as the Dynamics Processor (Compressor, Expander, ALC, & De-esser), and the Punch & Crunch Multiband Dynamics Processor.
Time modification
  • Time modification processors such as speed change (linear or non-linear), Stretch & Squish (time compression/expansion and/or pitch change).  It also includes and automatic silence remover (useful when working with long surveillance files)
Files, CD's and DVDs
  • A comprehensive variety of audio file support and file conversions including: Wave, WMA, AAC, M4A, Ogg, Flac, AIFF

  • Red Book CD burning (DAO, TAO) and DVD Data disc burning.
  • Over 1,950 Descriptive Factory Presets are now provided for ease in “getting started” with any given function.
VST Hosting
  • Up to 6 simultaneous VST Plug-ins Supported
  • Continuous Sampling Rate support extended from 192 kHz up to as high as 210 kHz providing up to 100 kHz Bandwidth capability.
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