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DCP-905A $1399

Diamond Cut LIVE6/Forensics

Special: Spring Upgrade from DC6 to Live6/Forensics for $699, a $600 savings.

Diamond Cut LIVE6/Forensics is our flagship Forensics product. It has all of the features of Millennium, and DC6 plus advanced forensics filters and features. Live file logging of both input and output files, automatic VOX timestamps and advanced adaptive and spectral filters make Live/Forensics the perfect tool for getting the most audio from surveillance recordings. Live6 has features new features like Flashback mode that allows you to rewind live real time surveillance recordings while continuing to log and filter live audio, a new 30 Band Graphic EQ, an Automated FDAF (Frequency Domain Adaptive Filter) and DSS (Dynamic Spectral Subtraction) It also features a configurable spectrograph mode for voice print analysis and documentation.

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DCP-906A $199

DC Six

DC6 is the next version of our popular DC5. Here is what is new.

  • EZ Clean- One click noise reduction. Now, even the most inexperienced user can clean their treasured vinyl and tape recordings with one click of the mouse. DC SIX includes a powerful new automated system that seeks and destroys clicks, pops, hiss, hum and other disturbances common to older recordings.
  • CD Ripping- Now you can quickly and easily convert your audio CDs to Wave files or MP3 files using DC SIX's new CD Ripper. Just go to File/Open, choose your CD Rom drive and select any number of the files there to be transferred immediately to wave audio so you can work on them with DC SIX.
  • Speed To Burn- We've Turbocharged the algorithms in the Impulse Filter, the Continuous Noise Filter, the Brick Wall Filter and the Median filter. You should notice an improvement in the speed of the algorithms anywhere from 20-80%.
  • Direct X Support - Now you can use your favorite plug-ins within the DC SIX operating system. You can even use them in the DC SIX Multifilter.
  • Auto Leveling- Got a bunch of files of varying volumes that you'd like to make into a CD? No problem, just go into our Batch File editor and tell it to Auto Level these files. The Auto Leveler will raise the level or normalize all of the files so that your CD level will not fluctuate during playback.
  • Adaptive Filtering Added To Continuous Noise Filter- This intelligent filter adapts itself to the changing nature of the noise in your file. As it gets smarter, your noise disappears.
  • CD Database Integration- If you're working with CDs, DC SIX will instantly dial up the Internet CD Database and assign the names to all of your tracks before you rip them. This will save you the time of doing a Save As when you name the files.
  • No Time Limits- The wave file format has a 2 gigabyte limit. For those of you recording long radio shows or other events, this can be a real problem. Not with DC SIX. Though we can't fix the problem for Microsoft, we can find a nifty way of working around it. As we approach the limit, we simply stop the recording and open a second file. You get your whole recording...just split into several files.
  • AVI Audio Support- Many of our customers wanted the ability to open an AVI file and extract the audio for editing. Many of our customers will now be happy! You can play an AVI within DC SIX, you can select an area and extract the audio.
  • Multi-Codec Sensor Support- Now you can import and export to any Codec that's installed on your machine. These popular compression standards include: A-Law, Mu-Law, ADPCM and more.
  • FAT BASS - Using the new FAT BASS section of our Virtual Valve Tube Simulator, you can build up weak or inadequate bass lines in your favorite tunes and get those floors rattling again.
  • 20-Band Graphic EQ Added- Another powerful and easy to use enhancement and noise reduction tool.
  • Echo Effect Added- The Echo Effect contains two independent delay lines, which can be used in a number of different modes providing it with a great deal of flexibility compared to the old analog systems. Because it performs its function utilizing digital techniques, it does not suffer from the noise and distortion buildup associated with the older analog systems.

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DCP-904A $59

Diamond Cut Millennium

Diamond Cut Millennium is our full featured Audio editor and restoration tools at a new lower price. Restore your old vinyl recordings, Tapes and Radio Broadcasts with a powerful set of noise removal and enhancement tools. The Multifilter allows you to create you own filter out of a combination of individual filters. You can select multiple different filters to apply to your audio in one pass. You can create a filter to do click removal, hiss removal and equalization and run it as a single filter. This not only saves time, but also improves overall quality because the audio is converted to high precision floating point, and kept that way all through the filter chain.
Gott 1000 files on your hard drive that you need to clean and enhance? Just select them all, tell Diamond Cut Millennium what processing you need, and it will process them all in one session. Forensic Audio Filters The Brick Wall and Adaptive filters are extreme filters for the demanding area of forensic audio restoration. Designed for extracting speech from recorded telephone conversations, surveillance recordings and other noisy sources.

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DCP-700A $99
*DCP-701A $59*

Diamond Cut VVA VST Plugin

Now you can add the sweet warm sounds of vacuum tubes to any VST audio app. With our DCVST Virtual Valve Tube Simulation plug-in, you can choose from multiple tubes and various settings to add amazing warmth and body to any audio file. This is the same VVA filter that is found in our DCLive6 and DC6 products but packaged as a VST plugin so you can use it in your favorite host application.

The Virtual-Valve Amplifier is a computer simulation of a number of vacuum tube amplifier circuits. (Valve is the British term for electron tube. We call it the "Virtual Valve Amplifier, because that sounds cooler than "Virtual Tube Amplifier.") Its effect is to add "tube-warmth" to the sound of a recording. This is sometimes desirable to apply to today’s more “sterile” digital recordings. It can also be used to add subtle harmonics to very old recordings. A harmonic exciter is also included with the Virtual Valve Amplifier. It is important to note that the Virtual Valve amplifier is using real tube circuits, and real tube non-linear device characteristics to produce its effect. The wide range of adjustability of this algorithm will allow you to create an amplifier that runs the gamut in sonic performance from "grit-guitar" to "high-end audiophile."

The VVA plugin has these tube types:

  • Triode 12AX7
  • Triode 12AT7
  • Triode 2A3
  • Triode 12AU7
  • Pentode 6EJ7
  • Push-Pull 2A3
  • 2-Stage Class A
  • 2-Stage Class AB (12AX7+6L6)
  • Exciter (Harmonic enhancer)
  • Xformer Class AB (12AX7+6L6)
*Special upgrade pricing of $59 for DC6 and Live6 owners

DCP103A $39.00

Diamond Cut Audio Test CD's

DCAT-3 is a comprehensive set of 147 audio signals contained on a 3 CD set, which is very useful for room acoustical response balancing and audio equipment evaluation. Room acoustical response balancing can be performed with nothing more than a calibrated low cost sound pressure meter in conjunction with the DCAT-3's set of 31 narrowband random 1/3rd octave weighted noise signals. All DCAT-3 signals are announced on a separate track allowing any signal to be repeated using the loop-play feature on your CD player. DCAT-3's signals are all tightly calibrated in frequency, amplitude and spectral distribution since they are all mathematically synthesized without the use of A/D converters Sine waves are very low in harmonic distortion content while square waves exhibit excellent rise times while triangle waves display exceptional linearity. Also, none of the signals contain any annoying transients since each signal is smoothly faded-in and faded-out. DCAT-3 offers the user a great value at a very reasonable price. DCAT-3 contains the following signal types:

· Discrete Sine, Square, Triangle Waveforms
· Swept Sine, Square and Triangle Waveforms
· Random Noise signals including White, Pink, Brown, Subsonic and Seismic
· Weighted Narrowband Random noise in 1/3rd Octave increments (31 signals)
· Phase inverted and Quadrature signals
· Left & Right Channel Only signals
· Dual Tone signal for Intermodulation Testing.
· Calibrated silence (DAC counts = 0)

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Music CD's and Cassettes

CD - DCP-201D $17.98
Casette - DCP-201S $9.98

Unreleased Edison Laterals 1

It was a time of prohibition, wild parties, Bootlegging, Flappers, and Jazz. It was a period just prior to the crash of an overly optimistic stock market. The songs recorded by Edison consist of popular music of the time, including "Hot Dance" tunes, Fox Trots, Comedies, Ballads, etc. Many of the artists on these recordings went on to become famous Jazz and Big band Names later in the 30's and 40's. These recordings were among the last to be recorded by the Edison Record Company and only a few were ever released to the public. Diamond Cut Productions is proud to release this snapshot of history on Cassette and Compact disc.

Song List
Sample Song Clip:  Sonny Boy (88kB)

DCP-301D $17.98

The California Ramblers

The California Ramblers was a very important White Jazz/Hot Dance band of the 1920's. The band changed personnel many times over its long history with many soon to be famous young artists appearing for a time. This CD contains two numbers with Glenn Miller featured on trombone. This collection is taken from the Edison Archives of lateral test pressings, most of which have never seen the light of day until recently. The CD includes liner notes by Richard Sudhaulter

Song List
Sample Song Clip: Button Up Your Overcoat (115kB)

DCP-305D $17.98

B.A Rolfe and His Lucky Strike Orchestra

Benjamin (Benny) Adolphus Rolfe was, at one time, best known for his coast-to-coast network radio program which aired weekly from 1928 through 1931. Called the Lucky Strike Dance Hour, it was like many early radio shows, named after its sponsor – in this case, a brand of cigarettes. He described his conception of dance music during this period in terms that "it should throb and laugh with happiness; it should have the rhythm of a rubber ball, bouncing back, only to fall again, going on and on." He remained fairly active in the radio field up through around 1942 doing shows for Ivory Soap and Ripley's Believe It or Not. He hosted the NBC morning show in 1935, and led an all-girl orchestra in 1942.

B.A. Rolfe recorded for Edison throughout the late 1920s, the period during which he hosted the Lucky Strike Dance Hour. Ultimately, he had played 7,460 dance tunes during a total of 468 shows. The selections on this CD release are from that period and taken from the Edison collection of test pressing recordings, many of which were previously unreleased.

Song List

DCP-202D $17.98

Hot Dance of the Roaring 20's Click Here To Download

This CD contains a foot tapping selection of dance tunes from the Edison Laterals collection, popular numbers you are sure to recognize as classic dance songs from the roaring 20's. Making Whoopee, Singing In the Rain, Let's Do It, and I Can't Give You Anything But Love are some of the popular titles from this CD. As with the preceding Edison Lateral CD's in our series, many of these performances have never before been released to the public.

Song List
Sample Song Clip I Want to Meander in the Meadow (404kB)

High Resloution
DCP-303D $17.98

Eva Taylor with Clarence Williams

Eva Taylor belongs to the great tradition of vaudeville singers who were such a vital part of the jazz scene during the first half of the twentieth century. Born in 1895, she made her public debut at age 2 ˝ as a child performer in a touring show. Eva Taylor made a large number of records with Clarence Williams from 1922 into the 1930’s. Among them are the 1924 and 1925 sides by the Blue Five which are notable for the inclusion of Louis Armstrong and Sidney Bechet. Eva Taylor and Clarence Williams recorded for Edison from July to October of 1929, but the company stopped all recording on October 19, 1929. This is why this very fine group of recordings was never issued by Edison.

In 1976, Eva Taylor, then in her 80's, visited the Edison National Historic Site and heard, for the first time, one of the recordings which she had made in 1929 but had never been released. Her reaction to this event is captured on this CD, along with a mini-concert which she performed at that time, and on another date the following year.

Song List

DCP-400D $17.98

Ernest V. Stoneman (and his Dixie Mountaineers)

 Ernest V. Stoneman, one of the pioneers of recorded old-time music, was born in Carroll County, Virginia on May 25, 1893. He grew up in this music-rich area and in his youth was exposed to the wealth of religious music and old-time ballads of the people around him as well as the string band tradition that abounded in the mountains.

 All of the recordings that Ernest made for Edison, fifty in all, were recorded in New York City between June of 1926 and November of 1928. The recordings made in 1926 were vocal solo's accompanied by Stoneman's own guitar and harmonica. When he returned to the Edison studios in January of 1927, he brought with him his "Dixie Mountaineers" to add fullness to the accompaniment.

Song List

DCP-304D $17.98

Vaughn DeLeath, "The Original Radio Girl"

Though scarcely remembered today, she was once referred to as the "First Lady of Radio" and later as "The Original Radio Girl." Her crooning style of singing caught on and this was later picked up by the likes of Bing Crosby and Rudy Vallee, and then later by Frank Sinatra. In a studio too small to include a piano or other musical instruments, she stepped up to the microphone and sang, a capella, "Swanee River." It was at that moment that she earned the position of the first person whose singing voice was heard on the air. In these early days of radio, she was known for her perseverance. According to Variety magazine, "She was known for her ability to entertain for long periods." In the early days of radio, two or three performances might furnish an entire evenings entertainment.

Vaughn De Leath recorded for Edison throughout the 1920’s and these recording were taken from some of the last recordings made for Edison in 1928 and 1929 on the "Lateral Cut" series.

Song List

DCP-203D $17.98

Hot & Rare, Hot Tunes from Rare Bands and Recordings
Rare bands includes Phil Baxter, The Bluebirds, Earl Gresh, Harold Austin's New Yorkers, Mal Halett, Roanes's Pennsylvanians, Adrian Schubert and his Salon Orchestra, Ted Weems and his orchestra, and more.

This CD is seventy two minutes of foot tapping, "Hot Dance" tunes made during the years 1926 to 1935. The music is upbeat and jazzy and it’s sure to get you dancing. Many of the recordings re-issued here have never been released on LP or CD before. While some of the band names may not be familiar, many of the musicians and arrangers are. Names such as Bix Biederbecke, Ted Weems, Jimmy Dorsey, Mal Hallett, Phil Baxter and others represent the finest musicians and arrangers of the period. This CD release, unlike previous Diamond Cut Production's releases is not based on the Edison lateral collection, but on the private collections of Bill Hebden and John R. T. Davies.

Song List
Sample song clips:  Shooin' Flies (235kB),  What a day (143kB)

DCP-306D $17.98

Al Bowlly Sings, and the orchestras of Peter Mendoza, Roy Fox, Ray Noble, and others play —
The Marvelous Melodies of Peter Mendosa

For the first time, the compositions of Peter Mendoza was one of the great unsung songwriters of the early 1900's are available to the public. The melodic legacy of a talented composer played and sung by artists of exceptional ability including the composer himself. This collection of songs is unique in a number of ways. For one thing, it is the first time an album of Peter Mendoza’s songs has ever been presented, including compositions that have never been published. For another, Peter Mendoza’s talent as a musician and vocalist is to be heard, preserved on several rare, private recordings. And for still another, bridging a gap of more than sixty years, we can hear and enjoy the top-flight performances of Al Bowlly singing Mendoza songs with the excellent orchestras of Ray Noble and Roy Fox. Supplementing these is a medley of Mendoza songs attributed to the composer’s orchestra, plus tracks by Harry Leader’s Orchestra and others.

Song List

DCP 307D $17.98

Edison Diamond Disc Foxtrots

The most popular series of recordings from the Thomas Edison Company were the "Diamond Disc" records. These vertically cut or "Hill and Dale" records were not compatible with other manufactures record players but Edison felt they had a superior sound which consumers would find more appealing than the competition. Many famous artists appeared on the "Diamond Disc" label and almost all of the recordings have been previously released to the public. This CD contains a sampling of the kind of danceable "Fox Trots" that was typical of the Diamond Disc series.

Song List

valeeSm.jpg (7884 bytes)
DCP308D 17.98

Vintage Vallee
Rudy Vallee and His Connecticut Yankees: 1928-1930

The selections on this CD by Rudy Vallee and His Connecticut Yankees represent a period in American popular music that has been all but forgotten.  In fact, they present Rudy Vallee in a style that made him an overnight sensation on early radio broadcasts, but later on in his long career he chose to ignore.  The Connecticut Yankees was a small band, usually only eight men, but it managed to achieve a characteristic sound, and on early radio broadcasts was just as important in building Vallee’s popularity as his singing.  These recordings are notable for another Vallee talent, generally overlooked but exceedingly important in the early years - the ability to pick tunes that were best suited, not only to his singing, but to the over-all image he carefully cultivated of the kid-next-door: the friendly, unassuming, college boy striving for recognition.  In the process, he succeeded in promoting a number of quality tunes into hits and helped to create a market for superior songs that, in itself, was unique to the period.

 Song List
Sample Songs in MP3 format   The One That I Love Loves Me ( 350kB)  Kitty from Kansas City(300kB)

DuchinCD.JPG (15207 bytes)
DCP 309D 17.98

Eddy Duchin and his Central Park Casino Orchestra
1932 - 1937

Although much has been written and documented about the history of jazz, and considerable attention devoted to the Swing era of the late Thirties and early Forties, the musical period that coincided with the worst years of the Great Depression - - - 1930 to 1935 - - - has been neglected. The flashy Duchin piano styling of that period, always up front to the extent that the band was often relegated to a supporting role, was a new and novel approach to music. The radio listeners of the time were captivated, especially by the Duchin crossed-hands technique of playing the melody of the bass keys. Listeners didn't know how he did it, but they liked what they heard. Eddy's success influenced other trends in the business. For one thing, a horde of imitators copied his style. Every town of fairly good size supported a Duchin-styled band - - - from fair to mediocre. And almost overnight the airwaves were flooded by bands with piano playing leaders - - Henry King, Joe Reichman, Nat Brandwynne, Dick Gasparre, Little Jack Little, just to mention a few of the most popular. Even Chico Marx fronted a band. It was a trend that still lingers on in the format of trios and quartets. As popular as Eddy Duchin became - - in many ways he typified a musical era- - he has been neglected and forgotten of recent years, but as these recordings demonstrate, he left behind a worthwhile musical heritage, and one well worth preserving.

Song List
Sample Songs comming soon

DCP 500D 17.98

JAZZ: It’s A Wonderful Sound!

This CD has been almost 25 years in the making, but there can be no doubt that the wait has been worthwhile. Six tracks were originally issued in 1977 on a very rare LP on the Starfire label. These tracks plus five more from the original master tape are included on this new release.

Originally recorded at the Morristown Jazz Festival held over three days in July 1977 at the Morris Stage in central Jersey - then the hub of jazz activity on the East coast. Warren Vache Sr. was able to call on a host of star jazzmen from the Garden State and also New York to perform at the Festival.  Bassist and Musical Director, Warren Vache˘ Sr. is a real jazz enthusiast, raised his two boys, to be musicians as well. The performance that night, included Warren Vache Sr, his two sons Warren Jr. and Allan together with Jazz greats like George Masso, Clarence Hutchenrider, Dick Wellstood, Dawes Thompson and Johnny Blowers, made for a memorable moment in a comfortable, “at home” atmosphere which prevailed in the theater that evening. Those who love hot jazz will truly enjoy this release.

DCP 310D 17.98

Ray Noble Plays Ray Noble & Others
1935 - 1950

Sports writers are fond of referring to multitalented athletes as "triple-threat" artists, individuals capable of performing with outstanding skill in several roles of activity. The same description applies to composer-arranger-bandleader Ray Noble, who excelled at all three of these musical undertakings to the extent that he could have had a successful career in any one of them. Instead, without any obvious effort, he pursued parallel lines, and did so in highly original styles that are readily recognizable.

During his career, he approached everything he did - arranging, composing, band-leading, acting - without pretense and with a quiet, meticulous taste evident in the songs and arrangements he wrote. Those arrangements were put together with deceptive simplicity, but with such superb musicianship that they still hold up well after more than half the century that has gone by since they were written. The recordings he made are still admired as among the finest of all time.

Audio clips available for download in the MP3 format

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