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Flat Phono Preamp (Computer Transfer Preamp) CTP-1000

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Flat Phono Preamp (Computer Transfer Preamp) CTP-1000

The New Way Of thinking about vinyl restoration starts with one of the CTP pre-amps. The CTP-1000 offers incredible specs and delivers a perfectly flat signal to your computer…ideal for enhancing with DCart and transferring to CD. For the first time you can actually get pretty darn close to what the producer heard when your favorite recordings were played in the studio. This isn’t just theoretical.

This preamp provides the amplification necessary to connect your turntable directly to your computers line inputs. It does NOT apply the standard RIAA EQ curve that all other phono preamps have. You need to do this with a program like DCart or DCForensics. This provides a much more accurate RIAA curve than previously possible using older analog phono preamps and will have better noise performance as well.

Please Note: We are currently out of stock on these pre-amps  and we are awaiting delivery from our supplier.

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