Ever noticed in a theatrical production such as a movie or a stage play how funky it is when someone puts on an olde acoustical phonograph, and out comes 20 Hz to 20 KHz high fidelity audio?

Well, then; Attention sound effects folks:

The following preset when used with the Live / Forensics version of the software can be used along with the following procedure to simulate the scratching noises associated specifically with a worn and olde 78 RPM record. If you do not own Live / Forensics, download the demo version of the software to create the effect. The demo version works fully for 10 days, so you should be good to go without spending anything additionally. Use the following procedure:

1. Create a Makes Waves file of Random Noise, - 10 dB, 16 bits, 44.1 KHz, Mono, 30 seconds long (which represents 39.00 revolutions of the record).
2. Copy that file to the clipboard
3. Create a Makes Waves file of Sine waves, 1.3 Hz, -30 dB, 16 bits, 44.1 KHz, Mono, 30 seconds long.
4. Paste Mix this file to the one on your clipboard.
5. Download the attached Preset which should end up in the Multifilter folder if you use the manage presets function. It is called "~78 RPM Record Clicking Simulator".
6. Run that filter preset on the file that you had just created.

The resultant file, (or cancatanated groups of files) when added to music, will give you an excellent simulation of 78 RPM record crackle which can be useful if you are trying to create an artistic effect for theatrical purposes.

Note: I usually run the final signal (music plus scratches and clicking) through the bandpass filter. There are a bunch of presets in the bandpass filter which simulate various olde audio equipment. To further add realism, I will often run that resultant bandpassed audio through the VVA with it running in "Full Range" mode in order to add in some distortion per the equipment of those times. I usually choose a Pentode tube and then adjust the mix control for the desired level of distortion. (I use "Full Range" because that mode adds in both IM {Intermodulation} and Harmonic Distortion.) If all of this is done correctly, you can obtain a nearly perfect simulation of an old record playing on an old phonograph.

keywords: Special Effects, Sound Effects, Clicking Generator, Scratch Simulator, Crackle Simulator
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