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Thread: Mentor comes up with error on loading...

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    Default Mentor comes up with error on loading...

    Does anyone know what would cause this error, what it is about, and how to fix it so that Mentor will load?

    something about a cabinet file required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used. [wish my image would post... it shows which cabinet file # and more information about the error]


    p.s.- I can't get my image to post... any suggestions... I followed the instructions... but am still looking for that 'arrow' they talk about next to the attachment.... I pressed 'up load' and it showed an icon with the title of my image underlined.... that was all.
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    See the successful installation on Win 7 64 bit thread. My guess is that you will have to change the installation msi file's compatibility mode. After I did that, I performed a successful installation.

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