DCart Millennium Patch Releases

See below for help with patching

Patch from version 4.64 to version 4.80
The currently shipping version of Millennium is version 4.80 (released on 8/4/01). This patch will update version 4.64 to version 4.80. It will update the program itself, the help file and the Readme.txt file.  The Readme.txt file contains information on what has changed.This patch does not contain any new presets. Click here to download the patch.

See the Note below if you want to update your user registration information.

Patch from version 4.17 or 4.18   to 4.64

This patch will only update version 4.17 or 4.18 to version 4.64.  This will also place a readme.txt file in the installation directory that contains information on bugs fixed and new features added in this patch. If you don't have version 4.17 yet, then download and apply the patch to 4.17 listed below, then download and apply this one.  This patch will also place a new preset file called dcMillPresets.ini in the installation directory. This file contains new presets for the new filters. It was not automatically installed in the Windows directory because it will overwrite all of your existing presets. If you want to use this new preset file you should copy it to your Windows directory, but make a backup copy of your current \Windows\dcMillPresets.ini file first. 
Click here to download the patch.   (1178kB)

NOTE: The user registration information will not be correct when you update to version 4.64. If you care about this and want to transfer your user and company name to the new version then download this utility. It simply transfers your old registration information to the new version.Click here to download


Patch to version 4.17

This patch ONLY works on the following versions of Diamond Cut Millennium
4.01, 4.02, 4.04, 4.07, 4.10

If you have a version other than one of these please contact us.

The patch adds a few new features to Millennium as well as fixes bugs that have been discoverd since its initial release.

Click here to download the patch (2109kB)

To apply the patch, run the patch file (Millpatch417.exe). It should locate the previously installed version of DC Millennium if it was installed in the default directory. Press YES to apply the patch. If it does not find the previously installed version, select NO, and type in (or browse for) the location of the previously installed copy. A new Readme.txt file will be put in the installation directory that details the bugs fixed and new features in version 4.17.

NOTE: If you have version 4.01, of 4.02 you will have to follow an additional step.
Copy the Dcmillpresets.ini file from the installation directory to the \Windows directory. The preset file was renamed after version 4.02 to Dcmillpresets.ini. If you want to preserve your custom presets, then copy the file called \Windows\Dcartpresets.ini to \Windows\Dcmillpresets.ini.

Help with patching.

What do I do with the files I download?
To install a patch, first download the patch file into a temporary directory. Be sure you remember what directory you put it in. I generally have one directory that I put all download in so that they are easy to find later. After downloading, double click on the file to run it.

What does the patch do?
The patch program will attempt to locate the existing copy of the program. If you have it in more than one place or have two different versions on your system, you will have to check to see if it finds the correct file. If the patch program cannot find the file it is looking for, it will give you the oportunity to browse for it. Once the file is found, press the Apply button to apply the patch. The patch will do a check to see if you have the correct version to update, and then apply the patch . The patch files usually place a readme.txt file in the installation directory that contains information on what has changed.

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