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Now you can design your own speaker system.

Why pay hundreds or thousands of dollars on an expensive store bought speaker system when you can build one yourself? Boxplot is a speaker system design program that allows you to design speaker enclosures and crossover networks that rival any store bought brand. Version 3.0 of Boxplot will calculate the required size of a speaker enclosure based on your choice of driver and display the resulting frequency response. It’s interactive user interface lets you quickly try many different combinations of box size, tuning frequency and driver type. Boxplot supports Sealed, Vented and Bandpass enclosure types as well as multiple driver configurations such as the isobaric configuration. A box dimension calculator is included with five different basic box shapes to fit your needs. A comprehensive crossover design section allows the design of both passive and active crossover networks plus other important compensation networks to finish your project. A tuning section allows you to test and verify your design after it is built by performing a few simple measurements.

The cost of Boxplot 3.0 is only $25.00 + (shipping & handling)

Here is a list of the major features of Boxplot 3.0:

  • Vented, Sealed and Bandpass speaker enclosure design
  • Isobaric and multiple speaker configurations supported such as series, parallel, and push pull
  • Active and Passive crossover design (two and three way systems)
  • Attenuator, Zobel and Notch compensator networks
  • Speaker library files with speaker parameters for hundreds of drivers
  • Box Dimension Calculator with five basic box shapes to choose from
  • Multi Document Interface for easy comparison of multiple designs
  • Measurements section for tuning the finished box.
  • Up to date user interface including Print preview, toolbars, status bars and Tooltips
  • A comprehensive Speaker Design Tutorial is included.
  • Main Screen of Boxplot 3.0

    Boxplot was originally released in 1990, and has been used on thousands of speaker systems built by both hobbyist and professionals. If you want try a demo of Boxplot you can download the shareware version now by clicking here on Download Boxplot Shareware . Boxplot has been available for years as a shareware program and can also be found on many bulletin boards, on-line services and Web sites around the world.

    Download Shareware version of Boxplot


    Please note that I no longer send out physical media (CD or disks), Only electronic distribution via email

    To order Boxplot Please fill in this form and send it along with a check or money order payable in US funds for $25.00 to:

    Rick Carlson
    86 Wintermute Rd
    Newton, NJ 07860

    Please make checks payable to Rick Carlson.

    I also accept PayPal to

    I only deliver via email (no disks or CDs via mail).

    Boxplot 3.0 Order form
    The current release of Boxplot is 3.07. It is over 5 years old, and is still a 16bit Windows program. I do not have plans to update it any time soon. I will still accept orders and support it, but I want to make this clear up front.

    ____$25: full registration (new users)




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