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  • USB Turntable Monitoring

    Is it possible (Using Audio Mentor) to monitor the input from a USB turntable at the same time that the album is being recorded?

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    A usb turntable has a usb soundcard built into it. The only way you might be able to monitor is if the turntable has a built in speaker and internal facility to let you hear the audio on that speaker. If so, you can use that.

    If not, you probably can't monitor since the audio recording device is the usb devicebuilt into the turntable, and the playback device is your other soundcard that has the speakers plugged into it. It's not possible to do normal monitoring over two soundcards.

    BTW, DC7 has the ability to "trick" two soundcards into allowing one to record the audio and a 2nd card to play the recorded audio while recording - but you can't do this with Mentor.