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Audio Mentor versus DC7.11 Live/Forensics

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  • Craig Maier
    Hi Ringmaster,

    DC7 Live / Forensics includes a later and improved generation of noise reduction algorighms compared to Mentor. Nonetheless, Mentor is easier to use than DC Live Forensics. So, it really depends on what you are looking for. Personally, I would keep both programs on my machine - - - they both have a place especially if you occasionally need to get something done extremely quickly.


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  • Ringmaster
    started a topic Audio Mentor versus DC7.11 Live/Forensics

    Audio Mentor versus DC7.11 Live/Forensics

    I have both of these programs on my machine. After playing with Audio Mentor, I'm wondering if I really need both programs on my machine. Does the Audio Mentor do anything that the DC Live/Forensics will not do? What advantage do I gain by having Audio Mentor installed on my machine, along with DC7 Live/Forensics?