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  • Some thoughts on Diamond Cut

    I have used Diamond Cut software for about 20 years now. I started with the most basic version, and am now using the Forensics version. I have tried a number of other audio restoration and audio enhancement types of software, and nothing comes close.

    As a university professor, I taught a history class that included a great deal of what students would consider ancient audio recordings. With Diamond Cut, I was able to clean up and enhance those recordings to make them useful for classroom use.

    As a hobbyist, I have enjoyed restoring cylinder, disc, wire, and tape recordings to quality levels I never thought possible. Problems that seem impossible, such as multiple generation tapes, wavering speeds, and extreme noise can be handled easily. In one case, I had a wire recording made on a military (WWII) device. I was able to record it by playing it backward on a home wire recorder. With Diamond Cut, The recording was easily flipped, and, to describe the personal touch that Craig and Rick at Diamond Cut provide, they worked with me to figure out the correct speed and equalization needed.

    Several members of my family are musicians, and I’ve also used it to tweak professional recordings of family members, most recently during the covid pandemic, when a quality recording hall is simply not available.

    The personal touch that Craig and Rick provide is extraordinary. Through the user forum, they are there to answer questions, and they are always ready to tackle intractable problems, either through advice on ways to use the software, or, if there is no easy solution, developing something that will help, and incorporating that into the next version of the software.

    The user forum is also very welcoming to newcomers, and is a continual source of new information and techniques from people who are experimenting and learning.

    Diamond Cut has always been an innovator, and I’ve noticed a lot of techniques they have developed become part of many other software programs a year or two after Diamond Cut has them. If you’re reading this and haven’t given Diamond Cut a try, download the demo and you will see what can be done.

    Dan McDonald
    Emeritus Professor
    The Ohio State University
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    Dan McDonald

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    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the endorsement/testimonial. It's greatly appreciated.

    Craig / Diamond Cut Productions, Inc.
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