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Dealing with "essing" distortion.

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    Further investigation shows that KAB has a selection of the UK manufactured styli available. It's $125.00 for just the mono 33 stylus (for a Stanton Cartridge). That's more than the cartridge & stylus I purchased for doing 78's cost by close to twice.

    I don't see the justification in purchasing that just yet. I think the penny will have to do for a while.

    On a bunch of the Mono album covers state: " IMPORTANT! This monaural Long Play record can also be played on a Stereo Phonograph - resulting in even better sound reproduction than obtained from conventional phonographs" or something similar to this statement. Interestingly enough some also state which equalization setting on the phono preamp/input should be used, an interesting window into yesterday.

    So other than advertising and not wanting to chase away customers that have stereo equipment it should work out, my current setup should be functional, just not ideal.

    Thanx for all your insight and help!
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      Originally posted by firekat
      ...Where do I get a stylus/cartridge for a 33 mono record?
      You could try Garage-A-Records: I didn't see anything there that was specifically 1 mil, but you might give them a call. Supposedly they have a lot of discontinued stuff that they don't list on the site, and I've found them very friendly and helpful on the phone.