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Maintaining Proper EQ when Transferring via Fractional Speed Techniques

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  • Maintaining Proper EQ when Transferring via Fractional Speed Techniques

    Here is a little procedure to consider when doing fractional speed transfers of 78s:


    You are performing a 78 RPM transfer using a magnetic RIAA pre-amplifier and you are also using fractional speed mastering techniques and you want to decode its EQ properly. To re-create the appropriate playback EQ, you will need to perform the following steps in this exact sequence:

    Transfer the recording to your computer and then run the file through the VPA with it set for the following:

    Preamp Hardware: Standard RIAA

    Record Type: Acoustical (even though the record may have been of the electrical variety; this step reverses the RIAA curve that was imparted onto the signal by your RIAA preamplifier).

    Next, correct the speed of the transfer using the Change Speed Effect. Then, re-set up the VPA as follows and then ?Run? the Filter:

    Preamp Hardware: Flat Preamp

    Record Type: Use the setting which best fits the description of the transferred 78 RPM recording.
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    Makes Sense


    Just the right answer to the question I had with Reversing the RIAA curve at a low speed ! Nice, simple apporach that makes sense.