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    I just installed DC 7.11 and wanted to try out the Timer Record to capture an internet radio broadcast tomorrow. I set the timer start and end times (non-recurring), pressed Set Timer and it showed the times set properly. I then closed the dialog via the Close button. The recording started up at the selected time and all would be well, except it doesn't stop at selected time (about 5 minutes after the start time). Has anyone else had this problem?

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    I use the timer feature all the time and have never had this problem. Here's a couple of things to check (which have tripped me up). Make sure that you have a file name specified. Also, always double check the AM and PM settings. The program keeps your previous settings, so I've been tripped up by setting it for, say, around 8:00pm the night before, then trying again at 8:00am the next morning. We'll my brain sees that it's pretty close to the right time, but then I found I ignored the PM indicator and forget to reset it to AM.

    Otherwise, it's worked great for me.


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      Thanks, John. Yes, I did double check the times and am/pm indicators and did have a filename specified. It fired up ok last night at 3am, but instead of stopping at 4am, I had to manually stop it around 7am. It split the resulting .wav into 2 GB chunks. I edited the first one down to the hour I needed and did a save. DC7 crashed and the resulting .wav file coiuld not be opened by DC7 again. Sigh.

      I'll have to experiment a bit more to pin down the problem.


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        I do know that during the beta test cycle for DC7, the timer record didn't work, but Rick was able to fix it and it has worked well for me ever since. I use it to let me record record albums or tapes and just walk away and come back later (without worrying about running out of disk space, if later happens to be about 15 hours later).

        So, I'm not sure what's happening on your setup. I've been using the timer record feature probably 2-3 times a day for the past week or so, and not had a problem.


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          This is a comment from Curtis about this:


          I just checked it with 7.11 and it worked fine.

          You just set a start and end time and then click the "Set time" button and then close it. That's it.

          Even though he claims he has checked carefully, I'll bet he's setting the time wrong.

          Have him try a 1 minute timer recording starting 2 minutes from now. This way he can see it happen. I just did that.

          Also, my test was with 7.11. Didn't test other versions.

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            Just FYI, here's what I always do. This is for setting it right now, not for recording (for example) a radio show during the middle of the night), but the concept is the same.

            I set the folder and filename first. Then I look at the current time (on the bottom right of the screen in the Windows tray) and calculate the end time (usally 5-15 minutes longer than I really need, since I can always trim the end of the file later), being careful to set the AM/PM correctly.

            Then, I set the start time, making sure it is a minute or two after the current time. I then click on "Set Time" and close the window (because it won't start properly if the timer window stays open).

            It's worked every time for me.


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              Originally posted by gunars
              DC7 crashed and the resulting .wav file coiuld not be opened by DC7 again. Sigh.
              Hint: xxxxxxxx and (I believe) yyyyyyyy have a feature that allows you to import a file as raw pcm and then save it back out as WAV. I've used this many times on WAV files that were corrupted by crashes during recording.
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