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    Maybe I am a bit confused now, but can it be possible that some of the features in the software changes after other changes in the pc is done? I think I found that the reverb-pre sets in the reverb feature (light reverb) sounded well when I first installed it into my new computer. Now, after I did some updates I feel that the reverb pre-sets sounds "hard" and metallic and not useable. Is it known that souch things may happend, or is it just my ears and memory that is out for a moment? Should I just re install the program?


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      Hi Jan,

      I do not know of any way that the sound of the reverb can change over time. It either works or it does not work. I suspect that you had just used different settings back then compared to the settings that you used recently. With the controls on that reverb, you can get almost an infinite number of types of reverberation simulations, so it takes a lot of experimentation to get what you are striving for.

      I personally think that using it very lightly is key on 78s. However, when I am mastering a multitrack mix-down and need to add some overall room sound to rock n' roll stuff, I go harder on the reverb, especially sometimes with that slap-back type of sound.

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        More on the previous question.

        The files in the problem folders DC wrote could be viewed in Explorer. And in fact the files could be copied to new folders then the files in the new folder could be opened by DC or played by Media Player. But the files in the original folder could not be opened or played but they could be deleted. After file deletion the folders are empty but the folders cannot be deleted.