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Exporting Data from the DC Tunes Database for CD Printed Materials

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  • dmfoos
    You know, there are different methods to check it. You should find some official database for the country. But look for the latest one, it will include each area code. Or you may just put in in the search line on Google. To avoid unnecessary result specify other details like a country or a state. And this way you will easily find a response to your answer. Or you may still wait for the bill.

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  • Exporting Data from the DC Tunes Database for CD Printed Materials

    Here is something that may be useful for those interested in using the DC Tunes Data for printing CD related materials:


    Playlist Export Feature

    Your Playlist can be exported into other programs that permit importing data such as disc label makers and CD-ROM printing programs. The feature will export the following parameters:

    1. Title Number in sequence
    2. Title of Selection
    3. Length of Time of Selection
    4. Total Length of Time of the Selections

    Clicking on the Export button found on the right mouse button activates this feature which allows you to save it in a number of formats. When you click the Export List button, you can specify a file name. The default will be saved in the *.txt format which can be opened by many other programs. It can also be saved in your choice of other formats including .m3u, and .cue and .pls (sometimes referred to as M3U, CUE, PLS).


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