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  • XP Compatibility Problems

    1. Mill 4.80 in XP Pro clean install (i.e. newly formatted C: drive) - Help|Contents works OK, and you can access Index and Search from there OK. But Help|Search for Help on... crashes Mill with a "Send report to Microsoft" message.

    2. In this mint-new XP Pro system I have an old Soundblaster PCI64/128 (I know, I know, but if you mute all the sources that give noise, it's OK for some purposes...!) that has been working happily under 98 SE. XP installed native drivers - can't get any of Creative's drivers or updates in, not no how. And lo and behold, I feed in a stereo source, which demonstrably feeds stereo out from the card output after travelling through the mixers, sound controls etc., BUT Millennium 4.80 records the source in mono, regardless of settings (normal stereo, 16-bit, 44 kHz etc.) - and you can see it's mono, also, in the volume indicators. Checked by pulling out right and left channel inputs etc. - Millennium clearly gets a mono feed from the system, though stereo sound travels through cleanly. All I can think of is drivers, because it worked fine with Win 98 SE. Any ideas/similar experiences? Besides buying a new sound card, of course!
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