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Forensics Audio File Authentication

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  • Forensics Audio File Authentication

    Numerous DCForensics10.8x tools can be used to attempt to authenticate digital audio recordings, but it is just a tool and must be used by an expert in the Forensics Audio Field. It will not light up a Red or Green light for you; you need experience to know what you are looking at and how to compare an unknown to a reference file. Of course, if the recording was edited by an experienced person using Diamond Cut Productions software (which can produce perfect edits) nothing will be able to detect such an edit. I have tried to make very precise edits on files using Diamond Cut and have found that digital edits that I make are not detectable. However, casually created edits made by non-experts are detectable, especially if they were not made with the Diamond Cut Productions editor functionality.

    For more information, refer to the DCForensics10.8x section of this forum. Follow this link to get there:

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