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    I'm curious to know what mboard processor and general hardware configurations folks are using these days in conjunction with the audio restoration software. After some back and forth with Craig, I'm rather convinced that some program crashes particular to the use of DC11 are due primarily to plain ol' hardware limitations, and not corrupted system, application files, bad checksum downloads or outdated drivers. One of the PCs I'm using is a Dell Inspiron with an i5-5400> It's only 4 cores, and no hyperthreading, 16 gigs RAM. The DC11 program shuts down mid-processes after setting up and batch-running 6-8 files through some MFs related to the de-clicker stage. I got my eyes on a nice Dell desktop PC loaded up with an Intel i9-11900. 16 cores and hyperthread capable. It's also got 32 gigs RAM, can't hurt. At this point though, I don't really know if DCART is programmed to utilize those enhancements. Comments appreciated.

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    This system here is a very nominal setup and exhibits no issues. Does any one else see any odd behavior?
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      I have had random program crashes off and on for quite a while. Sometimes during a lengthy batch job, and often when using the virtual preamp to "level" channels.

      Trying to correlate these software crashes with system hardware is very, very, difficult. Along with knowledge of the Diamond Cut Software, a good working knowledge of Microsoft system software is needed.

      The Microsoft system software shuts down, crashes, the DC program. You need to know why that occurred. Good luck trying to find an answer to that question!

      System hardware options can be important for CPU intensive programs, and I have no idea the actual needs are for DC programs.



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        Attention group: If you have seen random crashes, please post them here or send an email to us at


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          This computer (the one that I use the most by far) is an Intel Core i7 8th Gen running on an HP Pavilion Laptop. I have not yet experienced this. There is a checkbox under Edit/Preferences/Soundcard/Re-initialize on play. That may fix audio drivers that are not getting properly re-set thus causing this problem.
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            I have a new PC coming, and configured with a high-end Intel core i9-14900k Meteor Lake 3.2 GHz (5.8 GHz turbo) 24 core CPU on an ASUS TUF Z790 Plus DDR5 Quad Motherboard with 64 Gigs PC5-38400/4800 MHz RAM, a 1 TB Samsung 990 Pro m.2 solid state drive on a PCI-Express 4.0 slot, 7450 MB/s data transfer rate. If I continue seeing the app shutting down after loading it up on that PC, that'll pretty well seal the deal for me on likely program/operating system bugs, (I'm typing all this up quietly so my wife doesn't find out and toss me out on my seat).
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              Let us know what you discover. We are not getting this here in the lab and thus, hard to fix it since it does not appear to be broken here.
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