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Stuttering during recording

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  • Stuttering during recording

    I have recently revived my older computer for some recording. Shortly after making some recordings of vinyl I remembered why I stopped in the first place. I have problems with very quick short duration stutters that happen during recording. This can be very subtle to outright obvious. Most the time it just occurs as a pace and timing being slightly off for a fraction of a second. at other times you can here the blatant stutter for a second or two. This completely ruins the recording from my standpoint. I have looked at the faq's and can't seem to get rid of it. I'm running Win 98SE with 500+MB of RAM. Anybody have any ideas.
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    It is quite beneficial to shut down all programs other than Diamond Cut on slower computers. In particular, I recall that anti-virus programs had the ability to cause stuttering during recording with slower machines when they are running in background. So, shut down everything other than Diamond Cut and see what happens. It should help.
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      Yes - I use an old computer for recording and it works fine as long as it has some decent memory (which is very cheap for old computers) and everything gets turned off. If it's a computer that you need to use to access the internet, I'd take out the network cable and disconnect the internet protection stuff as well as virus protection while you're recording.

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        I am running a 98se with no virus software running ,no connection to the internet. When I look at the task manager I see DCart,Explorer,SYS tray,and the interface to the soundcard which is an EgoSystems Waveterminal from the 97-98 era. All of the things it says to try under the tips and tricks for glitching I have tried. When I tried the Virtual memory thing then my WMP does nothing but stutters terribly. I am using a version of DCart that was a bundled give away. It says that it was an Imation edition Ver.3.50. The downloads page doesn't even show a version that high, so wondered about loading any of those versions. Can the glitching/stuttering be due to DCart? Would upgrading to a newer version work? BECOMING VERY FRUSTRATED!! I think the software is great but have to get through this problem to be useful.


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          I don't exactly remember that version; is it DC Art 32 or Enhanced CD/R? But, in general, I do not recall any version of the software that "stuttered" while recording which could not be traced back to one of two issues:

          1. Too many other programs running on a slow machine

          2. A defective sound card driver.

          Perhaps number 2 is the issue. Check the website of the soundcard manufacturer and see if they have a more recent driver that you can use.
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