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  • re-equalization

    Well, I'll try once more -- though there doesn't seem to be too much activity here in the boondocks -- no reply yet to my previous (five days ago) post!

    I have yet to locate an adjustable phone-preamp which is within my budget. I have a fixed equalization (RIAA) pre-amp, which will work for not-too-old LPs, but will clearly make hash out of 78s. I also have a number of tapes of 78s which were not correctly equalized when they were dubbed.

    Can anyone give me instructions as to how I may digitally re-equalize these signals? I have seen blurbs for a re-equalizer from Esoteric Sound, but it is more than I am willing to spend. What I would like is a way to emulate this hardware inside DCArt. I am using version 2.02.

    Cyril N. Alberga
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    Re: re-equalization

    DC Art 32, Diamondcut Millennium, and Diamondcut Live all have a re-equalizer with lots of presets under the paragraphic equalizer filter. You can convert any RIAA curve to any other curve including flat for acoustic discs. You can check out this feature by downloading the software demo version from our website or from
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      The more recent versions of our software provide a Virtual Phono Preamplifier (VPP) which performs various re-equalizations for a great many of the various EQ curves.

      "Who put orange juice in my orange juice?" - - - William Claude Dukenfield