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The Origin of the Digital Universe - Turing's Cathedral

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  • The Origin of the Digital Universe - Turing's Cathedral

    If you have ever wondered how we got to the point in the evolution of digital computation, this will shed some light on the subject. The book worth reading on the subject is titled "Turing's Cathedral - The Origin of the Digital Universe" by George Dyson. It can be found at this link:

    Quoting from a book review on the Amazon site, "In the 1940s and ‘50s, a small group of men and women—led by John von Neumann—gathered in Princeton, New Jersey, to begin building one of the first computers to realize Alan Turing’s vision of a Universal Machine. The codes unleashed within this embryonic, 5-kilobyte universe—less memory than is allocated to displaying a single icon on a computer screen today—broke the distinction between numbers that mean things and numbers that do things, and our universe would never be the same. Turing’s Cathedral is the story of how the most constructive and most destructive of twentieth-century inventions—the digital computer and the hydrogen bomb—emerged at the same time."

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