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    I'm looking to replace my Garrard Turntable (circa 1960) with a new one. I need 33 1\3,45, and 78 for the speeds. Currently the Audio Technica AT-LP120XUSB seems to have merits. I would use a flat preamp of course.

    What are others using ?

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    I am using a Rek-O-Kut Rondine 3. Key features are the following speeds: 16, 27,33,39,45,68,71,76,80,85,and 90. There is a control for Fixed or Variable Pitch mode. In variable pitch mode, each of the speed settings can be varied +/- 15%. It appears to be driven by a DC Servo Controlled motor since it come with an AC to DC Converter. I think it is belt drive.

    It seems to work just fine and accepts up to 16 inch diameter records. It comes with a dust cover and acoustical vibration isolators for it's legs and I think that we paid around $900.00 for it about 4 years ago. The Diamond Cut Strobe disc freezes properly on the major speeds (can not check the odd-ball speeds easily). The strobe disc can be found in your Diamond Cut Productions software; just print it out and use it in conjunction with a flourescent or Neon lamp driven off of the power line (50 and 60 Hz discs are printable from the software).

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      I use a Reloop RP4000MK2 direct drive turntable (33,45,78) & Swapped the supplied dj cartridge for an Ortofon Red for vinyl & an Ortofon 2m 78 for very well with a flat amp.
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        Thanks 'Lord Theo". I did not know about the Reloop brand and after checking the turntable looks pretty good.