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4th Edition of the Music Restoration Handbook is now in stock

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  • 4th Edition of the Music Restoration Handbook is now in stock

    Marc’s Music Restoration Handbook is now back in stock. So, what’s new?

    Marc has taken his Music Restoration techniques to new levels with the Fourth Edition which is now in stock. This updated version contains many new approaches to the various filter settings throughout the book in order to reflect the enhanced removal of record noise with the goal in mind to maintaining the original music quality as it was played in the recording studio. Marc has created new settings that reflect the authors continued restoration work on a large collection of music over the years.
    The earlier Handbook version’s chapter on the enhancement of acoustical recordings has been greatly increased representing some breakthroughs and new methodologies. The New Method adds musical frequencies back into the record transfer representing the actual sound that would have been present in the recording studio but did not produce a useful signal on the acoustical master. This process results in a much improved and more pleasing restoration of acoustically mastered material.
    The layout of the Fourth Edition has been segmented into three groups consisting of Basic principles, Enhancement processes, and References in order to aid in the user’s ability to find the pertinent methodology to yield a more optimal restoration of their particular music.

    Details can be found at this link:


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