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Early "High Fidelity" via the Magnetic reel to reel format

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  • Early "High Fidelity" via the Magnetic reel to reel format

    I think that this thread is quite noteworthy and beg comment. My father (an Electrical Engineer - - - as am I) was into audio since as early as I can remember. I recall in the mid 1950's the sound of his reel to reel deck {Crestwood (by Daystrom)} feeding his audio system. There were some alternatives to LP and 45 rpm record albums for some music of the same music (Ray Charles Singers come to my mind). I recall as a child that the pre-recorded tapes "Jumped-Out" at me compared to 33 and 45 rpm records of the same material from vinyl LP (as played on his English Garrrad turntable with a GE variable reluctance cartridge.). I still have his collection of tapes, and they only suffer from the following issues, but can be perfectly corrected:

    Breakage - they often have breakage but can easily be spliced back together

    Remedy - If there is any glitch at the splice, just highlight it and use the "I" key and it will usually be totally fixed.

    Hiss - these old great tapes only suffer from a bit of "hiss". The use of the Diamond Cut Productions Continuous Noise Filter will fix that completely (just do not go too aggressive with the attenuation control).

    We have some CDs made from these old 1950s and 1960s commercial tapes that would be hard to distinguish from studio mastered CDs made in 2022.

    So, if you see one of these old R-R pre-recorded tapes at a garage sale, consider grabbing it (them).


    ps - if you want to hear a 1955 example of what I am talking about, email me at and I will send you a sample of a restored recording from that time period. I would be surprised if you were not amazed by the sound quality.
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