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File Information and Re-Build Peak File

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  • File Information and Re-Build Peak File

    File Info

    The following information will be displayed regarding the current highlighted .wav file when "File Information" is clicked:
    1. File Name
    2. File Type
    3. File Path
    4. File Size (Bytes)
    5. Length (Time)
    6. Channels (Mono/Stereo, etc.)
    7. Sample Rate (kHz)
    8. Bits Per Sample
    9. Last Modified (Date)
    Rebuild Peak File

    Peak files (.pkf) provide a graphical representation of the .wav files and its data are stored along with any .wav file created or operated upon by DCArt10/DC Forensics10. It takes 1 sample per 200 .wav file samples and extracts the peak value in that time interval for time display purposes. After many editing processes, it may be desirable to update this file to more accurately represent the present state of the displayed .wav file in the Source or Destination workspace(s). To do this, click on this function, and you will see that the displayed .wav file will become updated after a short period of time, accurately representing your edits. Peak files may be deleted by the user at any time.

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