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  • Finding elusive

    I sometimes have a audible "click" which the INF doesn't seem to catch and which I cannot find visually, examining the file a high magnification. One thing which I have found that helps in this case is to run the high-pass filter with a very high cut-off (I've been using 10000), with the files sync'ed. I then high-light the area where I am hearing the noise and use the right slider on the destination window to magnify the high frequency signal. In general, the "click" will have a noticable burst of very high harmonics, which lead one to the right spot in the original file, where I use either cut-and-paste or Paste/Interpolate.

    Hope this helps someone else.

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    Re: Finding elusive \"clicks\"

    Good observation! Hope that is useful to others. If you want to see an extreme representation of the noise signal, go to the forensics menu and use the brick wall filter set as a high pass at about 16 KHz.
    The resultant destination file will look flat unless you raise the amplitude of the output display. Then you will see everything that is "impulsive."
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