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  • Competition evaluation

    Just out of interest, Craig, Rick and myself would like to hear from everyone what the perceived problems were with the competition in its current posted form. For example, were there too many restoration clips, were they too difficult? Or maybe the timing/timeline was just inappropriate.

    We would like to hear any views you have as to how the competition was structured and it could be improved for future reference.
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    Re: Competition evaluation

    I have exchange a few ideas with Craig already. But it is good to have them out in front of everyone.
    I spent a lot of time on these clips. The final filters that I submitted did not achieve the results I would have liked. (I guess I am over concerned about getting all the problems out of a piece of audio.)
    In my opinion, if the examples were easier to do, it would not be a contest anymore. The two easy snippets took all of about 5 minutes each for me to clean them up. Not much of a challenge. The other two made me reach a long way. And as I understood the concept of the contest, the idea was to learn how to make use of the product DC5. I enjoyed this challenge and I got frustrated with this challenge.
    In the end I think that people were to busy with other things to spend the time to come up with a solution that worked.
    So my vote would be one challenging file and one easy one. And cut down the length of time from start to finish.


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      Re: Competition evaluation

      I thought the idea of a contest was great. However here were my particular problems:
      1) It's summer - kids around and no time to work on the contest
      2) I am on a dial up connection - the clips were too long to download and I did not write away for the CD version.
      3) I managed to download the Robert Frost clip - big mistake, I had no idea where to begin (I am a relative newbie with the software).

      My only suggestion (that could have helped me out) would have been to label the samples with a "degree of difficulty". That way I would have downloaded an "easy" clip, fixed it up and then been sucked into the contest because it "seemed easy".



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        Re: Competition evaluation

        It was mainly just a matter of free time from my perspective. I liked the contest idea, and planned to enter, but just didn't have the time to go through with it.

        Dan McDonald