Application Notes

Diamond Cut Application Notes

Diamond Cut’s Application Notes contain detailed instructions on particular topics. We intend to publish a series of notes to help users of Diamond Cut Production’s products make better use of the program and its capabilities. Most notes are in PDF format so you will need the Adobe PDF reader to open them.

AN1 – Using DC5 or DC Live/Forensics as an Audio Signal Generator

AN2 – Using DC5 or DC Live/Forensics to test your sound cards performance.

AN3 – Using DC5 or DC Live/Forensics To Create 3 Audio Test CDs

AN4 – Using DC Live/Forensics: The Electric Network Frequency Analysis

AN5 – Audio Archival Recording

AN6 – Speaker Cable Power Loss Wirechart

AN7 – Power Line Frequency by Country (hum)

AN8 – The New Way of recording LP’s

AN9 – Land Line Telephone Interface Circuit

AN10 – Bringing Acoustic Recordings Back to Life

AN11 – Proper Use of Stereo Phono Cartridges to Transfer Lateral and Vertical Cut Recordings