Customers and Testimonials

Here is a brief list of just some of our customers for DC Forensics Products

State Department
Secret Service
Naval Intelligence
US Marines
State Police in most States
City Police in all large cities in the US

It is also used in similar agencies in other parts of the world.

Here are a few unsolicited customer testimonials

Doug Carner CPP/CHS-III

I am passionate about digital forensics and my specialty, audio-video.  While no solution can be a magic bullet, Diamond Cut’s “Forensics” has earned respect as my go-to tool when I need to recover speech under the harshest conditions.  Beyond its dozens of well thought out filters, my favorite feature is the multi-filter where I can create a custom filter chain, immediately test the results, and make any changes with a simple mouse movement.  I can even save my custom presets and share them with my peers, or copy them to my client’s case file.

Version 10 was just released and it significantly expands my forensic toolbox well beyond audio enhancement.  For example, the new Subsonic Explorer analyzes the frequencies below audible levels to detects stop-start editing, and splicing from different recordings.  In fact, all of their new authentication tools are included without any extra charge.  This is in addition to all the new filters, including the one that can amplify whispers far above other volume levels.

My only complaints have been the program’s steep learning curve and a rather dated interface.  While the interface remains remnant of Windows XP, I would much rather have sheer performance over style, and can overlook this.  Besides, this software isn’t meant to be seen by my clients.  With regards to the steep learning curve, I am a nerd and appreciate having the ability to tweak their hundreds of settings.  However, this can easily overwhelm the new or occasional user.  Version 10 resolves this with a new task bar that automatically loads the correct filter and settings for the requested task.  This, along with all of the clearly named presets means that even the most novice user can easily achieve great results without any fumbling or training.  These improvements will increase your workflow efficiency and results.  If you were ever put off by a prior version, version 10 worthy of another 30-day free trial.


From Paul Ginsberg

When I first became a forensic audio engineer I started with racks of equipment. There were filters, compressors, equalizers, etc. Now, each of those boxes has become an icon on my computer screen in Diamond Cut Productions software (ie. DCForensics10)…and they perform so much better. There’s no hum from interconnecting wires, and there are no limitations of analog filters. It’s magic. Ever so often I go back and listen to recordings that were noisy then to see how much clearer they have become with DCForensics10 Live’s state-of-the-art algorithms. The results are amazing…. Thank you Diamond Cut Productions, Inc.  My lab is now my storage room…

Over the last 40 years, as a forensic audio engineer, I have enhanced recordings from 9/11 World Trade Center, the White House, O.J. Simpson trial, Branch Davidian trials, aircraft black boxes, police Dashcams, and hundreds from all Federal law enforcement agencies. I can say without reservation that Diamond Cut Productions forensics audio software produces the absolute best in Forensic Enhancement. DC Live is so intuitive, and the results are truly amazing. If you need to clean up recordings, whether music or recorded evidence. DC Audio Restoration tools will do the trick

I love how responsive the engineers are at Diamond Cut. As a forensic audio expert,  I have come across recordings that needed specialized processing techniques. The engineers, on more than one occasion worked on the problem, developed the specialized filter, and included it in the next version of D.C. Live Forensics …. I’d venture to say that you won’t find that anywhere else.

They advance the state of the art every day.

Thank you Diamond Cut Productions.

Paul Ginsberg, President
Professional Audio Laboratories, Inc.