DCForensics 10 Detailed Feature set

Diamond Cut Forensics Audio Laboratory Feature Set Overview

Diamond Cut Forensics is a comprehensive audio editor capable of producing excellent results doing forensics work and audio restoration.

DC Forensics Main Screen

DC Forensics offers an incredible range of forensic specific tools and filters targeted at forensic audio professional and is a superset of our DCart10 product.

  • Making speech more understandable in both a single talker and multiple talker environments
  • Verifying the authenticity of a piece of audio
  • Determination of possible edits
  • Identifying speakers using Voice Prints
  • Identifying background sounds and events
  • Removing background sounds
  • Tools for creating and working with long surveillance recordings
  • Tools for removing common types of cell phone interference
  • Advanced tools for audio visualization, measurement and characterization
  • Masking voices to obscure the speakers identity

Forensic Features Overview

Here is a list of the main features of DC Forensics. Keep in mind that each filter is flexible and can be used in many different ways and therefore there are often multiple ways to accomplish a specific task. Our user manual is comprehensive and details many operations with a step by step guide.

Forensics Authentication measurement tools

  • Voice ID (Formant Tracking
Voice Print
  • Spectrogram
  • Histogram vs. Time
  • Comparative Histogram
  • Locate potential “Edit points” with the Subsonic Explorer
  • Channel phase view to identify edits or track the movement of multiple talkers in a stereo voice recording.
Comparative Histogram
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • % Total Harmonic Distortion Analyzer
  • Decade or Octave-based Real Time Analyzer
  • X-Y Vector display with Phase Angle measurements
  • Time Measurement display
  • Comprehensive set of signal measurements calculated over the highlighted area including SHA1 Hash, Peak, Avg, Crest Factor, Min, Max Zero Crossings and more.
  • Frequency Tracker for authentication and identification

Ease of Use

  • Easy to use EZ filters such as the EZ Forensics simplify the process of complex filtering operations.
  • The Tasks Pane takes away the pain of finding the right filter or operation for the job. Quick links with preset actions to get you started with the right filter.
  • Each filter has many factory supplied Presets and you can create your own
  • Two editing modes: Fast Edit (like a word processor) and Classic (Non destructive Source & Destination)
  • Comprehensive User Manual (over 700 pages)
  • Many included Demo wave files
  • Switchable UI application look

Voice ID Formant Tracking

  • Formant identification
  • Match voice prints to known examples

Comparative Histogram

  • Compare two different sections of a file or two different files as a check of authenticity of tampering

Voice enhancement

  • Find out what they said with the Whisper Enhancer.
  • Auto Voice filter to easily make voices more understandable
  • Adaptive filter for advanced tracking and removing background noise

Surveillance recording

  • Voice Activated (Vox) recording
  • Live recording and monitoring with Flashback mode to rewind live audio
  • Remove periods of silence from long surveillance recordings to get right to the dialog
  • Time offset feature to set the start of a recording to start at a specific time of day

Filters for every occasion

  • EZ Forensics, EZ Clean, EZ Impulse, EZ Enhance filters for quick results
  • Linear Brick Wall Filters are provided using FIR techniques and include Low Pass, High Pass, Bandpass and Band Stop characteristics including choice of 32 to 4094 taps.
  • Linear Analog style Filters (using IIR methods). Low Pass, High Pass, and Bandpass are provided up to 4th order and your choice of Butterworth or Chebyshev responses.
  • IIR based filters include Notch and Slot
  • Buzz and Hum removal using the Harmonic Reject filter (odds and/or evens)
  • Non-linear filters, which are great for noise reduction including the Auto-Voice Filter, Adaptive Frequency Domain Filter, Continuous Noise Filter, Dynamic Noise Filter and a Wind Noise Filter.
  • An FFT based Spectral Filter having up to 32,000 bands including 4 different modes of operation such as Manual Adjust, Spectral Copy, Spectral Inverse, and Spectral Difference.
  • Statistical based filters are provided including Averaging and Median value with variable weighting.
  • All filters have Preview and Bypass modes
  • Many filters have a Keep Residue mode so you can see what is being removed (or added)
  • All filters can be combined using our Multifilter


  • IIR based Equalizers are provided with 3 bands, 10 bands, 20 bands and 30 bands.
  • 10 band Paragraphic Equalizer including high and low shelving bands.
  • Virtual Phono Preamp (VPA) provide RIAA, Columbia, and multiple 78’s equalization curves for proper equalization of most records.

Noise reduction

  • Noise Filter, Filter Sweeper, Time Domain Adaptive Filter, Whisper Enhancer, Dynamic Spectral Subtraction Filter (DSS) and more.
  • Wind Noise Removal
  • Many impulse filters for eliminating radio static or crackle and other impulsive types of noise like line frequency buzz, surface noise, tape crackle and more.


An array of Audio Effects and Enhancers including

  • Echo
  • Reverb
  • EzEnhancer add multiple effects with simplified controls
  • Frequency selective Channel Blender for removing noise common to two channels or selecting the best channel
  • Virtual Valve Amplifier (Tube Simulator)
  • Subharmonic & Overtone Synthesizers
  • DynaBass to add punch to a recording
  • Vocal Garbler that is almost impossible to reverse
  • Filter Sweeper to dynamically sweep a filter over time

Compressors and dynamics

  • Dynamics Processor (Compressor, Expander, ALC, & De-esser),
  • Punch & Crunch Multiband Dynamics Processor with selectable frequency bands

Time modification

  • Speed change (linear and non-linear)
  • Stretch & Squish – time compression, expansion and pitch change
  • Automatic silence remover (useful when working with long surveillance files)

Comprehensive Audio Editing features

  • Full features 2 track audio editing
  • Batch mode to eliminate repetitive operations
  • Cut, Copy, Paste, Paste Silence, Paste Append, Pasted New, Mute, Crossfade
  • Fade in, Fade out
  • Linear and non linear Gain Change
  • Selective click repair using our Audio Interpolation feature
  • Sample level and Pencil editing directly on a waveform
  • Reverse a file in time
  • Split and combine files
  • Flexible Marker system with editable marker tags
  • Resample to different sample rates and bit depths including sophisticated dithering
  • Scrubbing Audio playback

Audio Tune Library

  • Collect all of your audio into our DCTunes Library
  • Repeat and Shuffle playback
  • Playback with non destructive playback (Multifilter)
  • Unlimited Playlists with import and export feature

Waveform and Noise Generator

  • Sine, Square, Triangle waveform generator
  • Multicolor Noise Generator (White, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Pink, Seismic, Pink)
  • Live preview of all waveforms

Files, CD’s and DVDs

  • Extract Audio From Video files
  • A comprehensive variety of audio file support and file conversions including: Wave, WMA, AAC, M4A, Ogg, Flac, AIFF
  • Rip files from CD
  • Red Book CD burning (DAO, TAO) and DVD Data disc burning.


  • Over 2200 Descriptive Factory Presets are now provided for ease in getting started with any given function.
  • Comprehensive Preset Management system

VST Hosting

  • Up to 6 simultaneous VST Plug-ins Supported


  • Continuous Sampling Rate support extended from 200 Hz up to as high as 210 kHz providing up to 100 kHz Bandwidth capability.
  • Audio DVR built in Listen, pause and rewind live audio while continuing to record.
  • Timer based recording

Download a demo today to explore all of the features in DC Forensics 10