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Philips N4504 reel-reel tape deck

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  • Philips N4504 reel-reel tape deck

    This one's probably best for parts. Broken brake solenoid (couldn't find a replacement) and several switch handles, and everything else is just old and well-used. It does turn on, and things move, but I decided to replace it with something NOS from a rummage sale rather than make further repairs. As-Is Where-Is unless you want to pay for shipping.

    I'll probably close this when we have our next local e-waste pickup (around the end of 2015) if nobody's interested.

    Location : Sacramento area, California

    Description : Philips N4504 reel-reel tape deck, 1/4 track stereo, 7" reels

    Accessories : Will throw in a take-up reel; original service manual; otherwise none

    Selling Terms : Free; pick up or you pay actual shipping cost (UPS) - probably 30-40 lb. shipping weight.

    Price : Free; I'd rather see somebody who can use the parts or fix it get it than the e-waste people

    Contact Information: (or use forum Private message) Use forum PM, or

    Pictures: (optional)
    See description & manuals online at
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    Nobody was interested so it's GONE. Went to hazmat/e-waste pickup this week.


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      Well, you tried, Mike. I am still trying to give away an old Schober Organ for free, but still no takers.

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        The Philips got replaced by an Akai GX-260D found at a rummage sale with nearly zero hours on it (the heads and whole tape path look new, in original box with all accessories, and only minor cleaning needed). So now I can proceed with ripping some old reel-reel tapes to digital. Of course, I may have it serviced anyway as belts etc. are old.


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          Another thing to be aware of with aged tape decks are dried up lubriplate (that white vaseline looking grease). When that stuff ages, it turns very hard and binds on the bearing surfaces that it is supposed to lubricate. I look for those bearing points and removed the part, and then wipe the old white grease off of the shafts with a rag soaked in a solvent. Then, I apply new lithium grease very lightly on the shaft and replace the roller, capstan, or whatever the component is.

          "Who put orange juice in my orange juice?" - - - William Claude Dukenfield