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    Oh, just a side note. If you are a REAL Beatles fanatic, the great band the Smithereens will be releasing a Beatles tribute album on Jan 16th. It will be called: Meet the Smithereens: A tribute to the Beatles.

    Even though I'm not a big fan of the Beatles, I will give the Smithereens disc a spin, since I think they are one of the most under rated bands of all time.


    Edit: I can fondly remember first hearing the Smithereens in (of all places) the Southern California area, when I had to attend a radio conference there. Their single "Blood and Roses" from Especially For You was all over the airwaves out there. When I got back I told my Station Mgr. about this great new band that is getting heavy airplay in L.A. He listened to it for a little bit and said... "I guess they are Ok for out in California, but I don't think they would do too well here..." Little did he know that they were/are from New Jersey!!!!!! Hilarious....
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      jdedrick's problems seem to have been contrived. He was given the opportunity to call us to resolve them but never did so even though it has been six weeks now. Keep in mind that his complaints were unique unto himself; no one else has expressed those problems.

      I suspect that he was a competitor just trying to do some damage to us here on the forum.
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        ... Or perhaps his overwhelming despair was just to great for him to bear?


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          I think not. If one really has a problem with a product, one calls the manufacturer about it to put it right; that is unless, of course, they can not prove that they are a legitimate customer.
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          "Who put orange juice in my orange juice?" - - - William Claude Dukenfield


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            Again, you posted a disparaging set of comments about our products and the support that we provide. Again, I am repeating the offer that you can call us and we will solve any problems that you may be encountering with our product(s).

            Again, our telephone number is:


            Reverse the charges; it will cost you nothing. Ask for myself and I will personally see to it that your problems are solved.

            But, since we have heard nothing from you for over six weeks since our initial offer to help, how can we possibly take you seriously here on the forum? If you want to fix the problems, then make the phone call.

            I have deleted your last posting, as you can see. Please, no more flaming. The non-constructive tone of your issues shall be deleted from the forum. And, if you write any more postings along the lines of your last one without having telephoned us in order to solve your problem, then we will know that you are acting in bad faith and that it is time to bann you from this forum.
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            "Who put orange juice in my orange juice?" - - - William Claude Dukenfield


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              It is worth noting that jderick never contacted us pertaining to his so called problem with the software.

              Clearly, this person was just a "flamer" and was treated appropriately.
              "Who put orange juice in my orange juice?" - - - William Claude Dukenfield


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                That is somewhat dissapoining to hear given the number of helpful replies and length of the thread.
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                  "Normally, my steps are Transcribe -->Apply RIAA EQ-->Apply custom 20 Band EQ tweaked for my cartridge's response--"


                  I don't use the "Flat" PreAmp setup. How do you figure out your settings for your "Cartridge Response"?

                  I always use the 30-band EQ as my last step to "tweak" my file. It seems like using the EQ twice, could result in an "artificial" sound.

                  Incidentally, I have never had a bad experience with the DCArt Program or the Forum or Personel "Support".
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