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  • Trimming at Start


    Trying to Trim the start of my song because it has a few seconds from the last song on there. It doesn't seem to be working for me.

    From the pic, what i am doing is clicking "Trim Less" but nothing is getting trimmed. Kinda confused how to trim?.....How to i select and delete the blip at the start of the audio?

    thanks for the help.

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    you want to click "trim more" if you want it to take more off. It's a little confusing, as either term sounds like it might be what you want, but if you want more cut, you click on trim more, if you trim too much, you click on "trim less" to get back what you were going to trim.
    Dan McDonald


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      In the picture that you show, if you pressed the "Do Trim" button, all of what you see in the bottom waveform view would be cut or trimmed. As you press "Trim More" you will see more of the start of the waveform on the bottom display.

      Pressing "Preview Trim" will play the track as it will be after it gets trimmed. Do do need to press "Do Trim", the "Done" to get back to the trim, then "Done" Again to get out of the Final Touches area. If you press back or go to another screen you will end up loosing the changes.

      Hope this is helpful