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  • Getting Started with Mentor

    I just recently ordered Mentor 1.3, but since it hasn't arrived yet (I ordered it with some other goodies), I have been playing with the Demo Version.

    First off, congrats to both Rick and Craig for a very well thought out product. I can see for many of my restoration jobs, that it will be the only thing I will need, and for more complex situations, I can start in Mentor and then shell out to DC6. And it's simple enough for a dummy like me!!

    The only question I have... Is Mentor suitable for restoring a continuous piece of music where you want to put in track Markers, but not disrupt the music? When you slide or adjust the Markers are they 'sticking' on the sector boundaries or do I have to 'shell out' to DC6 for a situation like that?

    No biggie, just wondering. Besides that little question, I Love the program.


    I know that if I use Mentor's recorder I will get the 2 sec. gaps between tracks...but I plan to use recording software where you can eliminate the 2 sec. gaps.
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    OK... I see. Mentor works a bit differently than DC6 in regards to the markers. The file isn't seperated into tracks until the burn process, which is fine for most applications.

    In those rare instances that I need to eliminate the 2 sec silence, I can simply go into DC6 and go from there. Easy.

    BTW... I just love the EZ Clean Filter in Mentor. I never used the EZ clean filter too much within DC6, but with the one in Mentor, I am hooked.



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      As you have seen, we have reduced the flexibility of the program to minimize its learning curve - - - no users guide necessary. So, there may be times where you have to shell out to DC6 to perform some obtuse operation.

      On the other hand, the EZ Clean filter is improved compared to the one in DC6. It should be easier to set and produce better noise reduction with minimal fuss. However, there may be some situations where you need to use the more controllable noise reduction filters found in DC6.
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        Yep. For me it is a perfect DC6 "front end". I can start a project in Mentor and if I need a little more help with a certain aspect of an audio file, I can simply go into DC6.

        I think it is a perfect compliment to DC6.