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translate Mentor settings to Millennium?

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  • translate Mentor settings to Millennium?


    I'm trying to familiarize myself with Millennium for instances where it fits my needs better than Mentor.

    Unfortunately, I find it difficult to understand the detail in Millennium.

    For instance, a "clean" setting in Mentor that I use frequently would be something like:

    Scratch: 50
    Crackle: 45
    Hiss: 10
    Hum: 50 Hz

    What settings would I use to achieve something similar in Millennium?
    If you can clue me in on this I think I could figure out a lot more about how to work with Millennium.


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    There is no real correlation between the various settings of Millennium and Mentor. The Mentor system is built upon the EZ Clean Filter found in DC6. Thus, the settings used in Mentor will relate to the settings used in DC6's EZ Clean filter, but not exactly because the Mentor algorithm(s) are improved versions of DC6's EZ Clean system.
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