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  • Configuration difficulties


    I wonder if someone could help me as I'm at my wits end with Mentor, following the installation of my new (old) soundcard - an Echo Mia 2496.
    Everything was working fine until I experimented with the pro quality setting - 24/96khz. Lps registered fine on the Mentor meters and (and on the soundcard mixer), but after recording (and saving) came up with a miniscule signal - almost nothing...? After restarting the PC and experimenting again with the 44.1 setting under Preferences, (which worked perfectly earlier thisevening with my new card), all went haywire and now this doesnt work either, but now a different problem manifests. Firstly it records and saves fine (and can be played back through DC6 ONLY if I open it up through DC6, not if I open DC6 through through Mentor), but I cannot preview through Mentor at all. The vertical black line just flashes when I press preview (when I open DC6, through Mentor, the line actually disappears - note that it is fine should I open the file independently through DC6 - this appears to be a Mentor problem.

    Excuse a rather adhoc description and grammar but it is very late in the evnening and I have exhuasted myself trying to sort this out.

    Thanks for any thoughts,

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    This is a duplicate of another thread. Please refer to the other one for more information.
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