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    I'm a new user. I started out with one of my favorite LPs, Blind Joe Death by John Fahey. It was a little tricky, because he has some long silences within the songs, so I had to reset the dividers, but I figured it out.

    So, I now have all the tracks ready to record. From the "Edit File" window, when press "ready for CD" I get: "Error: Could not find any CD writers in your system."

    In the "CD Writing," the CD Writers drop-down menu is blank. My CD drive is a Sony DW-G120A, which should write to any media, and definitely can write CDs.

    Any suggestions? Cheers, Eric
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    Here is a suggestion from Rick -

    It might not recognize a CD writer if it is being used by some other program, like iTunes or another CD recorder program that might be running. Some of these programs keep hold onto the CD drive even if they are not using it at that time. Mostly, they are the programs that let you do "Drag to Disc" or something like that.
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      I checked the task manager, checked msconfig and turned off any likely suspects and rebooted, but still no joy. I can write the whole wave file to disk using the CD-Writer, using Nero, but it's all one file, with no distinction between the tracks, or titles. Thanks,



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        Hi again,

        You can call our customer support line and see if they have the answer. The number is:

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          What operating system are you using? Windows XT SP1 gives me fits because some of my software can't recognize my CD/DVD drives while others can.



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            I'm using Windows XP sp2. Also, I've observed that Windows Media player does not recognize the burner, but Nero does. Still trying to figure it out. Thanks,



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              It sounds like nero is hogging it; have you tried calling our customer support line? They should be able to help you.
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                I may be of some help here as I've been using Nero for years and also have DC Audio Mentor installed in my system. I am also using Win XP sp2. Nero and Mentor co-habitate very nicely in my system with the provision that the "drag to disc" module is not installed. That may be the problem. There isn't exactly an easy fix if this is causing the issue. You will have to un-install Nero, obtain the clean tools from the Nero web site, and re-install Nero and be sure not to select the drag to disc module during Nero's setup. Unfortunately, the simple un-install routine doesn't usually get rid of all the stray files involved, so that is why you will need the clean tools from Nero.

                I don't know for sure if this is your problem, but it sounds like it may be.

                Hope this helps.



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                  Thanks Guys

                  I uninstalled Nero, which didn't solve the problem. I'll try the Nero clean tools next. I did speak to Curtis at Tracertek; he clued me in to the Windows Media problem. I'll keep you posted!



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                    Could you do us a favor and post your resolution to your problem here, when and if you get it figured out? I think it might be a benefit to others.




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                      I've eliminated Mentor as the problem. The issue is between the drive and Windows Media Player. Nero burns just fine.

                      I've tried:

                      Uninstalling Nero
                      Using the Nero clean tool
                      Cleaning out all Nero stuff in the registry (don't try this at home)
                      Uninstalling and reinstalling the Drive
                      Checking microsoft site and downloading "fixes"
                      rolling back WMP to earlier versions.

                      So until microsoft or Sony comes up with the fix, I'll use Nero to burn the Mentor files.

                      So now that I've sort of resolved that issue, all of a sudden my system has developed some very annoying noise. It was quiet as a tomb last week...sigh.

                      So now I'll be checking for ground loops.

                      Cheers, Eric


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                        Eric -

                        What version of Windows Media Player were you using? I think I just upgraded mine a few weeks ago and now none of my cd burning programs work.
                        Dan McDonald


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                          I started with WMP 11, then tried rolling back to WMP 10. Neither one worked. It seems odd the WMP won't recognized a Sony burner. After searching the internet a bit, it seems that this is a fairly common problem.

                          If you figure it out, please let us know.

                          Thanks, Eric


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                            Is the problem limited to Sony burners? If so, I wonder if Sony has a work-around.
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                              Originally posted by Craig Maier
                              Is the problem limited to Sony burners? If so, I wonder if Sony has a work-around.
                              Nope. I have had a variety of Sony burners, and have one presently, and I have absolutely no problems. I wish I could look at the system in question, because I know I could solve the problem.

                              I do know that Windows Media Player has nothing to do with the problem. I have DC Audio Mentor and the latest version of Windows Media player operating flawlessly together without a problem (in conjuction with Nero).

                              Something doesn't quite add up with this problem. Devices such as CD/DVD burners shouldn't give one this much trouble.