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Fixed CD RW problem

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  • Fixed CD RW problem

    After months of trying to figure this out, 3 trips to the tech and one new drive, I finally figured out why my machine would not write to CD. The original computer tech who built the machine set up the Raid controller as a SCSI device. It should have been set up as an IDE device. For some reason, this caused the CD-RW to to be recognized as SCSI drives also, which they are not. After uninstalling the SCSI drivers and installing the IDE drivers for the Raid system, and after about 50 reboots, the drives work fine, including with Mentor and WMP.
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    Wow, Eric - - - that solution is something that I never would have come up with. All is well that ends well and I am glad that your system is now behaving properly!

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      Yes.... I used to see that quite often at the computer shop. It's something that is very difficult to diagnose via a forum, however. Glad it is working!!