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Help, I only can get mono recording

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  • Help, I only can get mono recording

    The only jack I can plug into and get good input levels is the microphone jack. This is creating a mono recording. On a song where the music travels right to left, the playback sound fades in and out of the middle.

    To connect to the computer, I'm using the 'line out' ports on the receiver. When I plug directly into the sound board, I can hear the music, but the levels are not enough for Audio Mentor to record from.

    My Equipment is as follows:
    Turntable: Panasonic SL-N15 (Mid 80's)
    Receiver: Denon DRA-435R (Early 90's)
    Sound Card: Creative SB Live! Series (2003)

    Does anyone elsa have this problem?If so, how did you fix it?

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    It sounds like the signal level comming out of the Dennon is too low for some reason. Are you using a moving magnet or moving coil cartridge? Often, a moving coil cartrige needs a pre-pre amplifier or an impedance matching transformer between it and the preamplifier.

    The ultimate goal must be to use the line level input. Mic inputs are always mono even though they are tip - ring - sleeve. The ring carries the phantom power, the tip is the signal and the sleeve is the circuit common.
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      I'm not sure, but I believe the cartridge is a moving magnet. I have two cartridgets. The first is an Audio-Technica Dual Magnet Cartridge (M12E/U) and the original Pickering D3000 (XSP/3003).

      Could it be the patch chord that I'm using? Acutally, I found it in my desk drawer and I have no clue where it came from. It has a TDK zcat2035 filter on it.

      My mic port has a 20db booster on it and that is what I had used for the recordings.


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        I have seen cables that have built in attenuators and it is possible that you have one of these. If so, that is not the right cable to use. You want a cable with not attenutation going between the recording output port of your preamplifier into the line input of your soundcard.

        ps - Mentor is not involved in the problem here because it simply responds to what the sound card is sending out.
        "Who put orange juice in my orange juice?" - - - William Claude Dukenfield


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          I didn't think Mentor was the problem, I was fearing that I would have to get a new sound card.

          Where can I get a cable without a built in attenuator?


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            Originally posted by ugeesta
            Where can I get a cable without a built in attenuator?
            Radio Shack, Target, WalMart, BestBuy, and most office/computer supply stores like Staples, Office Depot, etc.

            I also have a Denon amp. It has two sets of phono inputs on the back and two switches on the front: one that selects between the two sets of inputs and one for switching between MC and MM cartridges -- but only on preamp 1! In short, it is very flexible but also very easy to get hooked up/switched incorrectly. Not sure about your model Denon - but might be worth double checking. I think Craig is right, the cable is the more likely culprit - but an incorrect set-up would be a less expensive fix!
            Good Luck
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              No. My Denon only has a single phono input and one 'pre-out' connection. I guess I'll take the cord to Radio Shack and see if I can get one w/o an attenuator.

              Thanks for the help.


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                Did you open your Windows mixer window and adjust the recording input levels for the line-in? If that's set low, well, it's going to be low.

                I record from my receiver's line-out to the line-in on my sound card all the time with now problems. But I do have to set the input level on the computer to get a good recording.


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                  Well, the new cable did the trick. I bought the Monster Cable product from Radio Shack and now I am getting stereo input directly into the sound card. While listin to the record through my headphones I heard a hum I didn't hear before, but I'll have to see if I can hear it on my next recording.

                  Thanks for the help.


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                    Do you have the turntable grounded to the receiver with a separate wire?

                    This would be my first guess for the "hum."