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    The various Diamond Cut Productions software programs are extensively documented. Here are some places to find information about the product(s)

    1. The Product Helpfile (Search for Help On) - Index - (type in a keyword)

    2. The Product Users Guide - The entire 677 page users guide is provided in book format and can be found as a .pdf under the Diamond Cut Program Grouping. You can print it out or just use it on your computer screen. It's quite comprehensive.

    3. Product related ancillary information: A "Knowledge Base" is available which consists of a number of audio restoration and enhancement related Application Notes and other information. It is found at this link:

    4. Software Product Overview - Sales Literarature - found at this link:

    5. And of course the list would not be complete without mentioning this Users Forum, which contains the accumulated knowledge of many individuals and includes a decent search engine. It can be accessed directly from your Diamond Cut Productions Software Help menu. Otherwise, it's link is here:

    You need not be a member to search the forum, but you need to join to post questions or comments. It is a free service, but we do vet it to prevent spamming of the forum.

    6. A few before and after restoration examples can be heard at this link:

    7. All the commercially released music found at this link was restored using one version or another of the Diamond Cut Audio Restoration Tools (you can listen to snippets of all of the tunes and some of the albums are free downloads):

    8. Books and Videos pertaining to the use of the Diamond Cut Software products can be found here at this link:

    9. Three day formal classroom training on the Forensics software product(s) are provided (which includes theory and practical lab work using real examples). You must contact us to find out the schedule and venues for these at 973-316-9111 or at


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