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    Anyone had any luck getting rid of heavy (bassy) reverb in live audience recordings while keeping the bass instruments intact? I can get rid of the real bassy sound from the reverb, but that tends to lose the bass instrument as well. I was wondering if anyone had any tricks about how to do this well. This is with amplified music, so the reverb is very bad at times.

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    Dan McDonald

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    Re: Bassy Live Recordings

    How about using the expander in Punch and Crunch set so that only the real instrument sounds are expanded - not the reflections. Then use the EQ to reduce the overall bass volume and you might end up with normal bass, but reduced reflections?


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      Re: Bassy Live Recordings

      Try Downward Expander in Dynamics Processor, playing with the threshold and ratio starting with the preset.
      Danny Gilbert


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        DCArt10.6 includes a Dynamic Bass Processor (Dyna Bass) that can improve that situation.
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