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    I have been working with and trying to learn DC7 for about 2 months now and I feel the title, "DC7" is wong. It should be "The Magnificent DC7" or maybe "The Wonderous DC7," or "Amazing DC7." Actually, you had me from the moment I tried the Continuous Noise Filter the first time. My wife thinks I'm looking for somebody at Diamond Cut to adopt me. Hey, I'll be 63 in August...
    I have a suggestion. When you zoom in on a selection it slews to one side or the other or off the screen and you have to go find it. How difficult would it be to have, say a preference that would hold the display at the center of the selected area and at the center of the screen as you zoomed in? Or maybe on the cursor position: as you zoom in the cursor comes to the center and stays there. In Photoshop for example, if you hold down "Alt" you zoom in and out on the cursor position wherever that may be on the image. I donno, might save some time.

    George Smith
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    Hi George,

    That is a good suggestion and we are working on it. Right now, we refer to it as "Scrolling Mode" and when we get it to work correctly, it will be put in to a future release. Right now, it is buggy.


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      RE: Zooming

      Thanks Craig. I'm looking forward to it.
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