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    When I am in the Preview mode, how can I click & start at selected points in the wave file?

    When I try to Preview a single track/location, the playback always begins at the beginning of the wave form. I really don't want to loop playback.
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    Highlighting and then Previewing or Playing a portion of a file

    Hi -

    Here is how - - -

    Using your mouse and the left mouse button, hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse over the area of the file that you desire to preview. You can start from either the left or right margin of the sector that you want to Preview. It will become highlighted in yellow (unless you have a different color preference set). Now, just click on the play (or the Preview Button of a filter or effect) and that sector of the file will be heard.

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      I guess I would have to expand and highlight a complete track, if I decided to run a different filter on the selected portion; correct?

      I always use the Classic Mode, with the Sync. Setting On.


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        Yes. Depending on the total length of the file, and the sector (or track) of interest which may be in need of a certain type of signal processing, it may be necessary to expand (Zoom-In) on the sector of the file that is of interest.
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          Okay. I'm on the right track (no pun intended).

          Thanks Craig; you have great communication skills!