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Live/Forensics Training Course in New Jersey this September

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  • Live/Forensics Training Course in New Jersey this September

    New Audio Forensics Training is Scheduled for September

    We are pleased to announce that our latest Forensics training has been scheduled for September 14-16 in New Jersey. This will be our first New Jersey-based training, so all of you Joiseyites will have an easy trip...this will also be a pretty easy commute for any of our east coast customers and international folks. We're happy to be joining the good folks from Bergen County at their facilities at 100 Eisenhower Dr Paramus NJ 07652. If you're a serious Audio Forensics pro and you haven't yet attended one of these trainings, you should really consider it...not only is it in the state that many refer to as the "Eden of the East Coast", but you really will learn something and enjoy the folks who teach as well as the other attendees. It is certainly well worth the trip. We've probably said it before, but we have some folks who've attended this training 3 times or's well worth the admission price. As you'll read below...some of our attendees are even a wee bit famous. Also...if our engineers cooperate...this might be your first opportunity to sneak a peek at DC LIVE/Forensics EIGHT before the rest of the world sees it.

    Trainees will be expected to bring their own laptop, headphones and of course, as always, any files that you would like to share with the class. This is always a great opportunity to sample the various methods other Forensics professionals use to solve difficult issues. This is also one of the portions of the training that folks most often mention as their favorite because it's real world solutions to the problems investigators face each and every day.
    This popular training course has spanned many years and trained hundreds of law enforcement officials, private experts, and a large contingent of International Forensics specialists as well. It spans 3 days and is intense and enjoyable study.

    Most attendees are forensic audio professionals - either in Law Enforcement or as private experts - but any one with a desire to learn more about DC Live is welcome. We typically have federal and state folks there and often local law enforcement as well. We've had nationally known experts attend that consult on big legal cases and we've had archivists, vintage recording experts and lots of other folks with varying interests.

    Our training is intensive with an intro to audio, filtering, enhancement and even recording and handling of information. The general emphasis is on speech recordings in the forensic arena, but we invariably get asked questions or touch on topics of use to advanced folks interested in music recordings as well.

    Each day of the three days is spent in lecture sessions, lab sessions and wonderful and educational group discussions. The days fly by quickly, but you will be tired at the end of the day from the mental exercise.

    If you're starting a business in Forensics and want a chance to rub elbows with contacts working in this industry every day, this is a perfect friendly environment to meet such folks.

    During the training, we use DC Live intensively with dozens of example wave files. Each student cleans and enhances files and may be asked to share their work with the class. Don't worry - it's a very supportive atmosphere. Students may bring their own files and share them with the class as time permits.

    At the end of the class on Thursday afternoon, each student receives a certificate of completion and they are allowed to take all their course materials and sample files. Email addresses and phone numbers of attendees are exchanged. A class critique of the instructor and material is filled out and everyone returns home with a bit more knowledge, confidence and ability to handle forensic audio situations.

    Contact us for more details.
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