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Installation problems: How to clear a Serial Number

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  • Installation problems: How to clear a Serial Number

    We have had some problems with users getting stuck on an install because they have entered an incorrect user name or serial number and cannot remove it. This can also happen when you try to do an upgrade but really needed to do a new installation.

    Most of the time we can work around it but sometimes it is best to clear it out and start again.

    Please note: this is only for fixing registration issues. If you have other problems and the program is starting up ok, then this will not help.

    To remove the information you will need to use the registry editor (regedit). If you are not familiar with it or are worried you will wreck your system, then dont do it. Give us a call and we will walk you through it.

    The user name, serial number and registration codes are kept in the following location:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Diamond Cut Productions\DCLive75

    To clear out the old information, just delete this key (DCLive75)

    Next time you start Live 7.5 you will have to enter your registration information again just like it was new.

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    If you are having resgistation issues with DC8 and need to delete its registry entry for your registration information, just subtitute DC8 for DCLive75 in Ricks description of how to do that.

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