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" Cursor not marching " When i hit play

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  • " Cursor not marching " When i hit play

    I know this might be simple, but for the life of me , i can't figure it out .

    When I hit play , the cursor does not move, it does not matter if I'm
    looking at the complete wav file , or if I've zoomed in . . . when the play button is hit , the cursor line does not move through the wav file .

    This is a new computer running xp , I did not have this problem on my old computer ( it was running xp also ) I'm sure I clicked or selected something that I'm unaware of . . . any help would be Appreciated !

    Thank You, Stephen

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    It sounds like your computer software is not "seeing" your soundcard. In Diamond Cut, goto Edit\Preferences\Soundcards and point the input and output devices to your computers soundcard. Then, you should be good to go.

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      Craig ,

      Thank You , I could hear the music fine, the cursor was not moving while the music was playing .

      Tonight I re-recorded the music in question .( I forgot to choose the bit rate and sample rate . ) After I saved the file , I zoomed in on the wave file and hit play , low and behold the cursor was moving like it was intended to .

      Thank You Again Craig for Courteous and Quick Response in this matter . Thank You Rick , for Your help in re-connecting me to this Forum !!!

      Thank You , Stephen