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  • Interesting spectral difference use

    My stepson plays double bass (he's at a music conservatory). This weekend I took him up to try out some basses. These are nice instruments (running between $100k and $125k each). I recorded him with my little digital recorder and decent microphones while there.

    When we came back, I was able to tell the difference in the characteristics of the different basses by using the spectral diff filter. They are all very close, but one has more high end, but has a slight dropoff between 40-80Hz. Between 100 hz and about 3-4kHz they are nearly identical.

    Anyway, I was able to show these to him graphically. Kind of fun.
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    Dan McDonald

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    Hi Dan,

    That is an interesting application of that feature. Consider doing this:

    1. Show the spectrogram of double bass number 1

    2. Show the spectrogram of double bass number 2

    3. Show the spectrogram of the spectral difference between double bass number 1 and number 2.

    That should really paint an interesting picture for him.


    ps - - - I recommend an electric bass - - - you do not need a mortgage for it! I doubt, however that you will be able to convince him of that solution.

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      Hey Craig - thanks. I'll look at that.

      Yes, we tried the electric bass but he hasn't picked it up since about 6th grade (he started on double bass in 4th grade). It's a nice Fender, but it's just sitting in the corner, a bit lonely, next to my electric guitar, which I only pick up and play when I'm the only one in the house.

      I gotta find some people in the neighborhood interested in forming a garage band!

      Dan McDonald