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    Subsequent to my previous thread on this issue, I upgraded to DC8 and conferred with Tracer. It's impossible to talk to a human being at M-audio - apparently they are trying to maintain Avid's tradition of famously indifferent customer support - so I was reduced to my own experimentation.

    To make a long story short, I purchased a Behringer card from Tracer which worked fine once I downloaded the Vista SP2 drivers online (the supplied manual and driver is for XP!). Then I went back to the Fast Track Pro and - sure enough - it does not supply a signal to your software or to Sound Recorder.

    Vista SP2 buyers, beware!
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    That sounds like an unusal type of oversight. I wonder if they plan to correct it? Rhetorical question, actually.

    Thanks for the update.

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      My guess is that you fix this - and a lot of other issues - by migrating to Win 7. But given how long it took M-audio to fix the TBIA issue (2 years!), there's no guarantee this driver works with the new OS either.