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  • Moving to new computer

    Well, this is not the most opportune time. I have put off upgrading to DC8 because of finances (two kids about to start college!) but my 8 year old computer has gotten too crotchety. The boxes have begun arriving and I'll be building a replacement within the next few weeks.

    I'm sure this has been covered before, but after I get the new computer up and running and install DC7 from my original CD -- what next?

    How do I make sure I've got the fully patched, current version?

    How do I find the registration numbers so it knows I got it legally?

    I apologize if these questions have been answered already -- I did a quick check through the threads here and didn't find them.

    Great program, by the way! I still find myself using DC7 on a weekly basis, even when I'm not actually restoring an LP! Just for the record, DC7 is the only reason I'm going to have to buy a Windows 7 OS -- everything else I do these days I can do in Ubuntu!
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    You can download the latest version of DC7 from our Downloads page on the store. After the install, It will ask for a serial num, which you should have in an email, and thats about it.
    If you can't find the email with the serial number, I can dig it up from our database for you.



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      Thanks, rick! For some reason I thought that info was stored in a file that I had to save somewhere.

      It's not likely that I have an email from that long ago -- I changed from Outlook Express to Thunderbird a while ago, and did some heavy duty file deletions after a nasty malware attack a couple years ago.

      However, that made me think -- I like (and actually use) hard copy manuals. I thought if I was bright enough, I would have written down the serial number in the manual. Instead, I found a sticker on the plastic CD sleeve in the back of my DC7 manual -- there are four groups of four characters each. Is this likely to be it?


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        So......what type of hardware upgrade did you get over the last system ? New Soundcard ?



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          Hi, Marc!

          Nothing exotic on the audio part of the computer, really. I've been using a stand-alone CD recorder to record from my turntable from the beginning, and a few years ago I upgraded to a "professional" Teac model (it can use "data" CD-Rs and CD-RWs) which I am very, very happy with. So I decided to look for a "good" balance between audio performance and economy. I went with a Gigabyte brand motherboard that's popular with Home Theater PC builders. It has decent on-board audio that will go up to 7.1 audio and has Dolby Home Theater support, and I can always upgrade to a good sound card when/if I need to.

          I do all my computer audio work with headphones. First, because I'm usually doing this while my wife and kids are asleep, but also because I do most of my listening with headphones, too. I might hook it up to a home stereo at some time, but I may never hook it up to a 7.1 system.

          I've done some hardware upgrades in the past, but this will be my first build "from scratch." I have to get a couple more components and then I'll be working around my kids' schedules, but I'm looking forward to it. In the meantime, I opened up my old IBM, blew out the dust, and repositioned the IDE ribbon cable (it was blocking the CPU cooler) -- hopefully that will keep it limping along for a couple more weeks.