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Application Crashes When Making Destination the Source

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  • Application Crashes When Making Destination the Source

    I have been operating DC7 (ver. 7.15) almost constantly since it became an update to DC6 without any major problems restoring several thousand 78s, 45 and LPs. This weekend a problem occurred after restoring a dozen or so LPs which I have been unable to correct by uninstalling and reinstalling the software several times.

    When I open the source and select a filter and run it the results appear in the destination window, but when I make the destination the source the application crashes. There is no error message.

    DC7 has been running on this particular computer for several years. The mother board is an MSI less than a year old which replaced an earlier MSI version. The OS is MS XP Home Edition with Service Pack 3, the mother board is an MSI with an AMD Athlon II 3.2Ghz CPU and I have 3.25 Gb Ram.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Bob High

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    Interesting symptom, indeed. Obviously, something must have changed - - - question is what - - - . I am wondering the following:

    1. Has anything changed with the soundcard and/or its settings?

    2. If you switch to another soundcard, does it effect the behaviour of the system?

    3. Can you check your RAM - - - maybe there is a failure in one of the chips.

    Please advise,

    "Who put orange juice in my orange juice?" - - - William Claude Dukenfield


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      Before digging into your suggestions I tried something else. I generally record 20 or so LPs at a time and store them in a folder as original un-restored disks. I then restore them one at a time always using the multifilter. This particular recording seemed to be the problem. I went to the next recording in the sequence of saved original recorded disks and it went through the restoration filters fine. I then went back to the preceding original recording I was having the problem with and the problem still occurred. Viewing the wave form I could not detect anything out of the ordinary with it. The recording in the sequence of original recordings before the problem occurred restored fine. To be sure, I re-recorded the disk and this time it restored fine. So I don't believe it was a setting problem. I guess somewhere between recording from the disk and running it through the filters their was a glitch. Maybe the glitch was the flat preamp I use between the record player and the sound card. Thanks for offering your help in any case.


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        hi Bobh -
        I have had a similar problem with some wav files. I have never been able to figure out why. Sometimes there is just a glitch in the recording somewhere, or else in the copying process.
        Dan McDonald


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          Hi Bobh,

          Not sure what it could be, but I am most certain that a flat preamplifier can't create such a symptom. So, at least you can rule that one out.

          "Who put orange juice in my orange juice?" - - - William Claude Dukenfield